Best YouTube Channels for An At Home Workout

Before the summer rolls around some of us might want to lose that last slice of pie we had over Christmas break, or that five dollar burrito we just got from Moe’s. As college students sometimes it is hard to actually leave your room and go to the student recreation center to workout. Between work, school, and your social life it is important to find some way to exercise during the semester. One of the easiest and most convenient ways to exercise is in your dorm or apartment. These four YouTube channels make working out easy, fun, and super convenient. 

1. Be Fit

This YouTube Channel has a variety of workout videos. It varies from high energy workout videos to low energy videos. This channel has yoga videos, salsa dancing, Zumba, hip-hop routines, and cardio workouts. It also features famous trainers such as Jillian Michaels, Billy Blanks Jr., and Denise Austin. This channel is great for people that like to spice up their workout!   

2. Live Strong Woman


Live Strong Woman is a combination of the best women workout channels on YouTube.  It focuses on yoga, Pilates, cardio, and basic exercises. This station also provides dietary information, recipes, and advice to its viewers. Live Strong Woman has workout videos for beginners, intermediate, and advance viewers. 

3. Blogilates

Blogilates is a Pilates channel hosted by Cassey Ho. This channel is great for people who are getting back into a workout routine. Besides Pilates, Ho also has an array of dance and cardio videos. Just like Live Strong Woman, Cassey Ho has a section dedicated to healthy foods and drinks. This channel also provides a calendar for the entire month, so if you like a particular workout series, Ho provides a month long workout plan.

4. Natalie Jill Fitness

Natalie Jill Fitness is a channel that has very high energy workouts. The workouts are good for beginners, but it is advised that you do not use this channel after not working out for months. This channel also provides a variety of diet plans alongside its workout plans.