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Are You His Sidechick?

With the season 2 premiere of Being Mary Jane rapidly approaching, it's only right that we have a story that pertains to this hit series!

Sidechicks all over practically worship the ground that Mary Jane Paul walks on! Actually, most women who consider themselves to be independent and self-reliant look up to Mary Jane because she is the epitome of an independent woman. Since its debut in 2013, Being Mary Jane has exposed its viewers to a new perspective of the love triangle: the sidechick.

Before, the woman who played the role of the sidechick was always frowned upon but now there is some sort of newfound respect for her. Is it really okay to be a sidechick now? Is this a role that women are interested in playing? Unfortunately, there are no wrong nor right answers to these questions. However, the thought alone poses a very interesting debate: are you okay with being his sidechick or is this role forever a "no-no"?

1. He's pursuing you. But you have no idea that he is involved in something with much more commitment.

Are you considered a sidechick because he's juggling two women? Or does the fact that you are unaware make you innocent until proven otherwise?

2. You find out that you are not the only woman. However, he confesses his infidelity and begs you to be there for him while he gradually breaks things off with her.

Are you supposed to stay by his side as the Bonnie to his Clyde? Or is this really something that he needs to figure out on his own (without any help from you)?

3. You purposely interact with her in hopes to find that she is indeed undeserving of him. However, she proves to be nothing less than a sweetheart.

Do you confess your wrong-doings and beg her for forgiveness? Or do you continue your role as the homewrecker although you know he does not belong to you?

4. She finds out about you, calls you out for being phony, and demands to know the extent of your relationship with her man.

Do you cave and spill the intimate details about your relationship with him? Or do you assume the bad*ss role and tell her that you obviously have something that she is lacking?

5. Your family asks about your love life.

Do you tell them about your role as a sidechick and hope that they don't judge you too harshly? Or do you pretend that what you have is legitimate and omit the fact that you are indeed Being Mary Jane?

In no way do we condone "sidechick tendencies." However, we do understand that most women will be put in similar situations at some point in life. No matter your role (sidechick or not), we encourage you to remain true to who you are. At the end of the day how you feel about yourself is what matters most!


I'm Brisha, a senior at Valdosta State University double majoring in Public Relations and Spanish! Writing hasn't always been my "thing" but I now find it to be a beneficial way to express myself! My passions include fashion, fitness, healthy eating, and relationship building. Follow me on Instagram @BShavonte!
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