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8 Reasons Why Coffee is Good for You

1. Coffee keeps depression at bay. 

This may go along with the decreased suicide risk in coffee drinkers shown in a study done with female hospital nurses. Coffee activates dopamine, among other “good-feeling” neurotransmitters in the brain, and can give people an extra push to keep going.

2. Your liver will thank you!

Some liver diseases can be inhibited by the caffiene in coffee, therefore keeping your liver happy and healthy.

3. Athletic endurance increases from drinking coffee.

A person’s endurance is increased by merely two cups of coffee; coffee is a stimulant that affects the fatty acids in a person’s bloodstream.

4. Say goodbye to workout aches!

Well, not completely, but two cups of coffee will not only increase your endurance, but it lowers muscle pains by affecting muscle glycogen after intense workouts.

5. You may be a step closer to forever.

Death takes us all in its own time, but coffee intake has shown to increase a person’s lifespan. Who knew?

6. Coffee may speed up your metabolism.

Studies show that coffee helps burn fat by increasing a person’s metabolism. (Although places like Starbucks may negate this effect simply from all of the sugars and syrups in their devilishly delicious drinks.)

7. Drop that energy drink and grab a cup of coffee instead!

Coffee is instantaneous with increasing one’s attentiveness, cognition, reaction time, and overall energy.

8. Diabetes risk is lowered. 

The risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes decreases with the help of antioxidants in coffee. Insulin sensativity is increased, resulting in a lower risk of developing diabetes.

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