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8 Reasons Everyone Loves to Hate Kim K

For the past ten years, Kim Kardashian has filled our television screens, the tabloids, and probably our boyfriend’s wallpapers at some time. As much as she is criticized for being “famous for being famous,” none of us can deny that she is absolutely gorgeous and that, as much as we hate to admit, we just can’t stop talking about her! Here are some reasons why:

1. She’s married to a music mogul

As much of a jerk that Kanye West can be, he’s practically a hip-hop legend. Many of us can’t help but be jealous of their relationship and the love Kim and Kanye have for each other. Not to mention, how many of us can say that Kanye West puts a lyric about us in EVERY single one of his songs? Exactly—none of us! Moving on…

2. She has the most gorgeous child ever

North West is probably one of the most beautiful celebrity children we’ve ever seen! Her style is always on point, she’s got quite a personality already, and her complexion is always glowing. I only wish that my child will come at HALF as cute as North!

3. Her fashion/style is always A1

Kim can literally wear nothing but nude, black, white, or olive and she still looks better than the majority of us even on our best days. Everything (well, almost everything) she wears, she absolutely kills. Kim even slays even the most simple outfits. What doesn’t look good on her? I’ll wait…(and don’t mention the floral dress from 2014!)

4. Her makeup ALWAYS slays

Kim is already naturally gorgeous, but when she does her makeup, she absolutely SLAYS. Whether she goes for a more natural look or gets super glammed up and goes all out, anything that makes contact with her face comes out amazing. As many times as I watch her makeup video tutorials, I probably still couldn’t get mine to look as great as hers!

5. She’s a business mogul

Kim is the entrepreneur that many of us to aspire to be. She’s always thinking outside of the box and is always a step ahead when it comes to her next business venture. Who knows how or where she comes up with these ideas, but they always make her millions of dollars. Can she please pass some of that business-mindedness on to me?

6. She’s voluptuous

Kim is a curvy girl, but in all the right places! She’s very well known for her large apple bottom that most of us only dream of having! I mean let’s be honest—how many times have we caught our boyfriends looking at pictures of Kim and her body? Sadly, we can’t even be mad!

7. She’s famous for no reason

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian got famous (for the most part) from a sex tape. Yes, she was already pretty well known because of her father’s involvement in the O.J. Simpson case and because she used to work as Paris Hilton’s closet organizer (yes, we haven’t forgotten about that, Kimmy!), but from the moment she and Ray J’s sex tape released, Kim’s fame blew up. Then came Keeping up with the Kardashians, their other spin-offs, and all of their other business deals that have made her—as well as her entire family—famous. Maybe the rest of us should sacrifice a bit of our dignity to become rich and famous too! (JK)

8. We go broke over her app

Don’t lie—how many of you at one point or another played Kim Kardashian’s game? Or better yet, how many of you paid for the Kimoji app. Now, I didn’t give in to the Kimoji app, but I am guilty of spending about $10 on the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app! If any of you have played (which I know you have!), then you and I both know how hard it is to advance in the game without spending a little bit of real mula. Hopefully, you didn’t go too broke over it, though.


Let’s all sit back and wait to see what Kim’s next big move will be—I know you’ll be waiting!




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