7 Ideas to Improve Your Summer

We all begged for this time of year to show its face, and now that summer is finally here, we have no clue what to do.....LITERALLY! Summer usually comes with ample amounts of spare time and can result and many "I'm so bored" tweets. Everyone has had that moment when there isn't anything to do but lay up under the air conditioner. Well look no further! Here are a few ideas that may get your summer going!


1. Exercise:

Summer is the perfect time to tone those arms or lose any unwanted weight you've gained throughout the previous seasons! Get a gym membership or, if you're trying to save money, go take a walk on a nice sunny day! 

2. Deep-clean your apartment:

Turn your free time into clean time and organize your living space. Blast some music, grab your roommate, and go to work! Who said cleaning is only for spring?

3. Get a job:

This is a great idea if you're not taking any summer classes. Turn your free time into money and feed your savings account! Many places tend to hire during the summer for 4th of July and Back to School season!

4. Create/Update your blog:

Devote this summer to making your blog look fantastic! You can even blog about some of your summer adventures!


You can never go wrong with DIY-ing!! Redecorate your room/apartment using summer colors or add some upgrades to it! Check out this article for some ideas to get you started!

6. Binge watch your favorite Netflix show:

Here's your chance to catch up on Grey's Anatomy or Orange is the New Black! Grab some snacks and watch your favorite show. Grab some friends and make it a party!

7. Travel:

Take a roadtrip with your friends or add some stamps to your passport! Studying abroad is also a great idea if you're trying to knock out two birds with one stone!


Kiss that boring summer goodbye! HCxo!