6 Ways to Prepare for Thanksgiving

November has arrived, meaning Thanksgiving is right around the corner! I mean, who isn't excited for endless sweet potato pie, quality family time, and Black Friday sales? It's almost time, you guys! Here are some things you can do to prepare for one of the best holidays!

1. Figure out what your plans are: Are you going to your family's house, or your significant other? Do you plan on "Thanksgiving hopping" or are you bringing the guests? Figure it out and plan accordingly so everything can be organized.

2. Start detoxing! The best part about Thanksgiving is all of the food you don't get year around. It's the time of the season to stuff our faces! You might want to start drinking your detox teas and eating healthy so Thanksgiving can be your cheat day!

3. Practice making your own Thanksgiving dish! Cooking your own specialty dish can be fun! Find a cool, new recipe on Pinterest and practice making it before the big day so you can perfect it! Who knows, maybe you can add to tradition this year!

4. Prepare for the "How's school/life going?" questions: the most dreadful part about being back with your family members is getting asked about school and life in general. Prepare to hear this all night, as it can get quite annoying.

5. Save some money! Right after Thanksgiving is Black Friday! DUH! It's time to start saving those checks to rack up on all of the fall/winter clothes you haven't bought yet! Also, be on the look out for the upcoming sales. Some stores announce them weeks before Black Friday.

6. Prepare for a hectic day, overall: if you're going home, hosting, cooking or helping at all, prepare for Thanksgiving day to be hectic. It may seem organized at first but it may get unorganized and turn into a catastrophe until dinner is done! At least you'll be able to enjoy it being around loved ones!