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5 Ways to Cope With Anger

Have you ever had a bad day or someone made you mad? We all have had times where someone or something has gotten under our skin. You might even want to fight anytime someone tries to cross your path, but there’s always a better solution to dealing with anger. Now I will be giving you a few tips on how to cope with your anger!

1.) Take a breather and walk it off. Everything doesn’t have to be turned into a major problem. Sometimes letting things go is for the better. Walking away from a negative situation will allow you to be the bigger person and not let the little things get to you.

2.) Go talk to someone. You might not want to, but when someone can hear what you have to say, they may be able to help you by giving you good advice on something you probably never even thought of. They might in return become a mentor to you or someone you can trust to confide in. Talking out your problems will help you get things off your mind.

3.) Read a book. Reading is good for you and will make you more knowledgable about things in life. If you’re dealing with something specific, go to your local library to find a book that might help you solve your issues. A book will for sure keep you at ease.

4.) Get some rest. Yes, I mean go to sleep. Sleep things off, and maybe you’ll be back to your normal self. When you don’t have the proper sleep, your body tends to be slumped as in not engerized or ready to get through the days ahead. 

5.) Take time for yourself. Enjoy life. Do something for yourself like going shopping or going to get your nails done. Go pamper yourself to feel good about you and not let negative things affect you. Self love is the best love!

Following these five tips will for sure lead you in the right direction. Not always having a negative reaction wil help you; you have to be positive and look forward to the best outcome. Sometimes you have to learn other ways to deal with life’s problems. Even if you feel like you could have done something in the moment, think about how it would be if you just let it go.

Nijzea Shaw

Valdosta '22

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