4 Reasons Why Graduating Late is Okay

All of my super seniors have gone through that overwhelming feeling of seeing all of their high school, and even college, friends graduate and they are the last ones standing. Maybe you goofed off too much freshman year, changed your major a million times, took a semester off, or decided to take easy loads throughout your college career. Either way, it is important to know that it’s okay if you’re not graduating on time and here’s why:

1. You’ll have more time to prepare for life after graduation: Finding a job, graduate school, and student loans are what seniors are literally DREADING throughout their last year of college. Having more time before graduation means having more time to plan, plan, plan.

2. You can build your resume: Participating in organizations and applying for internships are all resume boosters. More time in school means more time to get involved and get experience in your field of study!

3. It’ll motivate you to go harder your senior year: Let’s face it, seeing your peers graduate before you will inspire you to work harder to achieve that same goal!

4. You can see what life after college is like for your peers before you experience it: Watching the obstacles your peers face is a great way to prepare yourself for those same obstacles when it’s your turn!

So, in other words, it’s not the end of the world. Just be patient and remain focused and you’ll be successful! HCxo!