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The Importance of Turning it Off

Kenyon is an amazing place, but it can also be a stressful place. Classes get hard and homework gets overwhelming. I really miss my cat...

bookshelf filled with books
God Bless The Great British Bake Off

I’m truly not kidding when I say that there are two things in my life that will always make me happy without fail: my dog and The Great...

aisle between bookshelves in library
Moving Off Campus

Moving off campus is exciting, but at the same time terrifying. Exciting: I can pick out new decorations. I can cook for myself. (i.e...

woman painting pattern on white wall with yellow paint
DIY Cut-off Jeans

One of the easiest DIY’s possible and practically impossible to mess up.

Green Leafed Trees
Why I Decided to Take a Semester Off

This summer, I decided to make one of the most drastic—but also one of the most fruitful—decisions in my life so far. It was a hard...