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4 Major Benefits of Having an Internship in College

An internship is a great way of getting a hand on experience for the career you want to pursue. It can either keep your decision strong or make you want to change your career path. Either way, there are benefits to internships in college.

1. You learn more about your field

Instead of diving straight into a company in your field without knowing the true details of it, interning gives you that unknown status of a job there.  You can get the day-to-day experience and determine if you’ll be able to adjust your life to match the work pace. You also get to see how the people you would work with are in the workplace.

2. Resume building

Every college student should want a solid resume by the time they graduate. Having a good internship on your resume will show employers that you have some real life experience and that you wont need much training. It’ll show them that you’re capable of handling things other graduating college student’s can’t just yet. It puts you ahead of your competitors.

3. Get a foot in the company

When interning, you could very easily find yourself a place in that company by performing at and beyond their standards. If you make a lasting impression with the company, you will have a better chance of being hired there. It gives the employer a chance to see how you are in that company. You could think of it as a mock run.

4. Making connections

If you don’t get much out of the internship itself, it is always good to maintain good communication with the people you meet, both the employees and your fellow interns. If you don’t particularly want to work at the company you’re interning for, someone else could possibly recommend you to somewhere you may find interest. You never know who may have a job waiting for you.

Internships can be fun, time consuming and stressful. No matter what kind of experience you may have, you should always try to take something away from it. Internships, now, are hard to get. Make the most out of being selected for one.



Hello, Paige Buchanan is currently a junior mass media major and journalism minor at Valdosta State University. She loves the art of writing and media. Her career goal is to be a News Anchor. She loves to socialize with new people, explore her options in every aspect, and has many goals set for herself. She always has loved the quote "The Sky Isn't The Limit, It's Only The View" Follow her on Instagram and Twitter: paige_beauty96
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