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4 First Date Ideas in Valdosta

Going on your first date with someone you’re dating can be very nerve-wrecking! Here are a few fun places in and near Valdosta that you can go to and take the edge off of a sometimes anxious experience.

1. Jac’s Bowling Lanes:

Bowling is a very interactive and inexpensive way to get to know your date through light-hearted competition.

2. Olympia Bend Plantation:

Here they have cheap rates for couples, and if you guys are both into it, going to the gun range could be a fun way to relieve some nervous energy!

3. Dave& Buster’s

If you guys are down for a drive, Jacksonville has a Dave & Buster’s where you and your date can go be huge kids! On Wednesdays they have half-price games too!

4. Jacksonville Beach: Speaking of Jacksonville, you guys can take a trip to the beach! Along with the attractions and shopping outlets, Jacksonville is a cute romantic spot for you and your date to get away.


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