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3 Ways to Appreciate Your Friends

Time and time again, we are told that in our college years many of the people we meet are temporary. Twitter opinions share with us plenty of advice about how to cut people off, keep your circle small, and not worry about the fake friends. What about the friends that stay true though? The ride or dies, A1s since day one, holding your hair when you're throwing up friends? They're not temporary and sometimes in life we forget that to have friends is a give & take relationship. Have you shown your friends your appreciation lately? Here are three easy ideas to show your friend how much you appreciate them!

1. Hand written notes/letters

Anyone can take two seconds to type out a text or leave a quick voicemail. When is the last time you sat down and wrote a handwritten letter to a friend? For high school friends at other schools, or even a friend who lives on the same campus, getting snail mail can brighten anyone's day! Take the time to really articulate how you really appreciate your friend, and slap on some bright stickers or fun hand lettering to spice it up!


2. Tokens of Appreciation

Sometimes you're scrolling through Twitter or click-click-clicking through Snapchat stories, and you see a friend craving a Chickfila milkshake or needing a cup of coffee while in the library. Take a few minutes to get up, buy them that $2-4 item and take it to them in person. Having a cry of help answered from social media in real life is so kind in today's technology driven society. Try it and show them you care!


3. Treat Yo Friends

Whether it's giving them the other half of your BOGO at Chickfila on Mondays or taking them to see a new movie they were dying to watch, treat your friends to a friend date night. Show your appreciation by picking up the tab at Waffle House after a night out or buying them a few drinks on their birthday.

Friends are forever friends if you always remember that they are in someway just like you and you love them for it. Have fun appreciating your friends! HCXO!

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