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28 Bizzare National Holidays to Celebrate This February

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Other than being perfectly rectangular on the calendar this year and filled with love to the very last day, February is known for a lot more than just the basic holidays. To make this February 2021 festive, I have constructed a list of (somewhat odd) national events happening on each day. Let’s begin!


February 1, 2021 – National Baked Alaska Day

Baked Alaska is a dessert consisting of hard ice cream, sponge cake, and toasted, whipped meringue baked to perfect golden brown. Fun fact: depending on where you are from, the name “Baked Alaska” can be substituted with “Omelette Norvegienne”. 


February 2, 2021 – National Heavenly Hash Day

This day also marks the celebration of a sweet treat! According to AnyDayGuide.com several desserts are labeled as Heavenly Hash and can range from a type of fruit salad to a chocolate and marshmallow mixture, etc. Whichever dish you decide to make, I hope you have fun eating it. 


February 3, 2021 – National Girls and Women in Sports Day

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels
Celebrated on the first Thursday in February, this day was created for the acknowledgment of the female population and participation in sports. Additionally, this day commemorates female athletes and all of their accomplishments in history thus far. 


February 4, 2021 – National Hemp Day

Unsplash/ Roberto Valdivia
Many consumer products are made with this Cannabis sativa plant. From clothing textiles, to paint and even a pseudo-concrete (dubbed “hempcrete”). What better way to support your local hemp farmers–and buyers–than to make a day in their honor?


February 5, 2021 – National Shower with a Friend Day

Yes, you read that correctly. Believe it or not, Shower with a Friend Day was introduced as an innocent marketing plan by New Wave Enviro, an eco-friendly company in Colorado that encouraged people to shower in filtered water. 


February 6, 2021 – National Frozen Yogurt Day

1970 marked the year that frozen yogurt was introduced to the world. And how lucky are we today that such an occurrence happened? Be sure to check all your local fro-yo spots on this day and see if you can snag yourself a deal!


February 7, 2021 – National Fettuccine Alfredo Day

Calling all pasta lovers, February 7th is your new treat day! That’s right, one of the most famous pasta dishes to surface from Italy has its very own day of celebration. 


February 8, 2021 – National Football Hangover Day 

brown Wilson NGL ball
Sandro Schuh/Unsplash
Are you finding yourself “sick” the day after the big game? Congratulations, you’re not alone! An estimated “17.5 million Americans” called out of work the Monday following last year’s Super Bowl and it’s no surprise to anyone that America has coined its own day commemorating the infamous “football hangover.” 


February 9, 2021 – National Toothache Day

While most national holidays acknowledge something worth of praise, National Toothache Day was designed for the opposite. The origins of when this day arose is still unclear, but the message behind this holiday is not. Let’s all remember to brush and floss this year!


February 10, 2021 – National Umbrella Day

Anthony Xia
Unfortunately, this day is not recognizing the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy. Rather, February 10th is made for us to uphold the contraption which has kept us dry for decades. That’s about it. 


February 11, 2021 – National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

Inspired by the classic idiom, this day serves as a reminder to people not to wallow so much in their past mistakes or regrets. For twenty-four hours, this day allows optimism and spontaneity on all levels from everybody.


February 12, 2021 – National Plum Pudding Day

Alas, we have fallen onto another food-loving day of this month. Oddly enough, there are no plums required for making this holiday dish. If you are thinking of giving this recipe a try, February 12th is your perfect excuse!


February 13, 2021 – National Break Up With Your Carrier Day

No, not your mail carrier. Your wireless carrier! Created by T-Mobile, every February 13th now serves as a reminder to phone owners everywhere that switching your carrier is an easy process. 


February 14, 2021 – National Ferris Wheel Day

Emily Lentz

Fun fact: the Ferris wheel was created as a rival attraction to the Eiffel tower, which was constructed only a year before George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. brought his invention to light. Dare I say, it is still one of the greatest American attractions to date. How about instead of a fancy dinner this year, take your significant other to the nearest amusement park and celebrate Ferris Jr.’s iconic work for yourself. 


February 15, 2021 – Singles Awareness Day

If you are lacking a significant other this season but seeking the validation you deserve, look no further! February 15th is the day for you! While February 14th had the unintentional effect of making single people everywhere self-loathe for twenty-four hours, Singles Awareness Day is all about self-love and empowerment. February 15th is a day where you can love yourself in all your gorgeous independence without being judged!


February 16, 2021 – National Almond Day

If you have a nut allergy, I would recommend skipping this day. If not, celebrate your love of almonds freely! Whether that be toasted, milked, or coated in chocolate. February 16th is all for almond lovers.


February 17, 2021 – National Random Acts of Kindness Day

The name of the day is pretty self-explanatory. Hold open a door or compliment someone’s outfit choice. Overall, this day is just asking to spread a bit of cheer into somebody else’s day. 


February 18, 2021 – National Battery Day

The name of this day also requires no explanation. But let’s all take this day to think about the convenience batteries have gifted us over several years. 


February 19, 2021 – National Lash Day

False or natural, February 19th celebrates all lashes in their silky beauty! I recommend taking a trip to the nearest makeup aisle and treating yourself to a new tube of mascara. 


February 20, 2021 – National Love Your Pet Day

Photo by Veronika Homchis from Unsplash
It’s outlandish that there even needs to be a single day dedicated to loving your pet. While loving your companion should be an everyday event, this is the day to spoil them without consequence (if you don’t do that already) and show your best friend some love.


February 21, 2021 – National Sticky Bun Day

Everybody loves this gooey sidekick to coffee! And the best way to show your appreciation is to celebrate its special day. Whether you decide to bake your own or buy them store-bought, there is no better cheat day treat to have than this old fashioned goodie. 


February 22, 2021 – National Cook a Sweet Potato Day

This flavor-packed root has come to be loved by millions across the world. So much so, it’s acclaimed day beckons lovers of the sweet potato and cooking to add a little bit of this veggie onto your plate. See this day as an opportunity to explore all that is capable of the sweet potato (not to be confused with a yam, because the two are entirely different things). 


February 23, 2021 – National Dog Biscuit Day

Chevanon Photography from Pexels
If February 20th passed you by without notice, you still have the 23rd to give to your four-legged friend. Specifically, gift them with dog biscuits. After all, that is what this day commemorates every year, along with spoiling your trusted confidante. 


February 24, 2021 – National Tortilla Chip Day

What better excuse do you need to whip up some guac or salsa than National Tortilla Chip Day? Go buy a few bags of this sensational snack and have your at-home fiesta to celebrate! It’d only be the right thing to do on a day like this. 


February 25, 2021 – National Clam Chowder Day

If the weather is still harsh where you are located, there is no better way to fight the cold weather than with a piping hot bowl of chowder. Though this dish was originally categorized as food for the impoverished it has grown to be one of the most popular soups to date!


February 26, 2021 – National Skip the Straw Day

If you want to get eco-friendly this February, National Skip the Straw Day is a holiday worth partaking in! Rather than sipping through a plastic deathtrap for marine life everywhere, seek out some environmentally friendly substitutes to add to your routine. In the most recent years, reusable metal straws have become the new fad! Make February 26th the day you hop on the bandwagon.


February 27, 2021 – National Polar Bear Day

Despite their hostile nature, polar bears play a large part in our ecosystem. Yet, the more our carbon footprint grows, the more their ecosystem shrinks. National Polar Bear Day helps to raise awareness for this arctic species and reminds us of the species which we are slowly leading to extinction. 


February 28, 2021 – National Public Sleeping Day

Woman laying down on a couch covered in a blanket.
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
Possibly one of the most bizarre holidays to ever come to light is National Public Sleeping Day. However, if you find yourself drowsy during your work shift, this national celebration will surely become one of your favorites. February 28th encourages everybody–yes, everybody–to have some well-deserved rest and take a midday nap. The location does not play an important role and everybody is welcome to snooze the day away, whether they are at the park, in the office, or at home. Ring in the end of February with a little bit of shut-eye, because you deserve it!

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