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13 Moments Every Virgin Has Experienced

Things any virgin or celibate in college has experienced.


1. When people ask: “So, like, are you waiting for marriage or what?”

Ah, the age old question. Not necessarily waiting for marriage or waiting on the right one. It just hasn’t happened yet.


2. Only engaging in foreplay, nothing more!

Oops, gotta go!


3. Never hearing back from that guy after he found out your little “secret”:

Sorry toots ;)


4. When people ask: “So, like, are you really, really a virgin?”


5. Hearing people tell you: “But you’re too attractive to be a virgin.”

Sooo are virgins meant to be ugly?


6. When your friends tell you that your first time is gonna suck:


7. When people think you can’t have a sexy side, but you’re secretly like:

Everyone has their inner ‘Yonce side.


8. The privilege of weeding out the crappy guys just by being a virgin!


9. When your friends tell you that you’re missing out:


10. Or when your mom calls and asks: “You’re not having sex, are you?”

No Mom, not at all… Not… At.. All.


11. When you tell your BFF that you feel left out.


12. The priceless look on your face when you win the game “Never Have I Ever”:


13. And if all else fails, you’ve contemplated what it would be like being a 40 yr old virgin with cats…


But remember:

21 Mass Media Major at Valdosta State :)
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