100% Natural

Hello Peep! Another day, another article! Like most of us, we probably come from a background where we were exposed to harmful chemicals that came along with the dreadful perm, but ultimately chose to leave that behind, and take on the task of being 100% natural. But no worries, I decided to share my current natural hair routine that helps my hair flourish! 

1. Pre-Poo

In this stage, you basically preparing your hair to be cleansed by providing extra moisture to your hair that will be maintained up until the next time you have a full wash day. For this, olive oil is my best friend. Olive Oil contains ingredients provide the best strength to hair, thus preventing any major hair loss in the future, as well as adding shine and moisture to each strand of your hair. Also, I add Wild Growth Oil to my scalp, to promote hair growth.


2. Shampoo

For this stage, I use a DIY shampoo that consist of natural black soap, olive oil, water. Now I've also heard for an extra good cleansing, it's good to add brown sugar in your own DIY shampoo as it will help lift all the product built up since your previous wash day. 

3. Conditioner

For this stage, I honeslty just use any good conditioner I could find that's best for my hair. Since I'm on a healthy hair growth journey, I'm currently using Shea Moistures Jamaican Black Castor Oil Conditioner

4. Deep Conditioner

For this stage, there are many different mixtures you can try depending on what my hair is lacking that week, I'll use a mixture of eggs and avavado for protein or use aloe vera for moisture. You can also research multiple mixtures that various people use that are also beneficial to natural hair. Btw...this is my favorite stage because it's like i can feel my hair healing.

5. Styling

This stage is quite simple and consist of no more than 2-3 products depending on how long you want your style of choice to last. I use water as a leave-in and maintain and seal moisture by using shea butter and olive oil. If I want to define my curls instantly, I like to use Aloe Vera as a styling gel.

I hope this helps all of you wonderful Kings and Queens prospure in your natural hair journey, and feel free to show me your results from this hair routine. Now, I have to say that this might not work everybody, but from what I've seen so far from youtube and reading comments of others, this routine can do no harm in natural hair. Also the price of all of these products should cost you no more than $20-$30. I hope you continue to grow and prospure along with your hair. Peace and Love!