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10 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress

Looking for simple ways to ease and please yourself? Look no further! Here are ten easy steps to relieving stress.


1. Laugh – a lot!

Get together with friends, or find a humorous online video or image.


2. Call an old friend.

Studies have shown that simply hearing the voice of a loved one can calm and relax people.


3. Go dancing!

Not only do people feel energized, but after dancing (and potentially making a fool of themselves!), their muscles are looser and it’s easier to take a deep breath.


4. Ask for help when it’s needed.

There is no shame in asking for help! When people dwell on a problem and don’t have an appropriate solution, it tends to cause more worry, anxiety, and stress than if help had been sought earlier.


5. Write down the day’s schedule.

Having everything planned out can lead to less stress later on. Missed appointments or classes can throw entire schedules out of whack, and having it all written out can decrease the doubts one may have about whether or not something is being forgotten.


6. Write a letter.

It doesn’t matter to whom the letter is for, but writing can take one’s mind off of daily stressors. There doesn’t need to be a direction for the writing; simply letting the writing flow can lead to deep, inner thought or a realization of something important.


7. Go swimming.

No matter if a person floats or dives, swimming is good exercise and can be a fun event. Just don’t forget to tie those straps tight, ladies!


8. Have some “me” time.

“Me” time could be anything a person wants it to be. Set aside time for doing something enjoyable – something other than work, even if you enjoy it. Take a breather for a while and slow down.


9. Take a bubble bath.

Hopefully this will bring back memories of childhood baths filled with fake bubble beards and “potion making.” If the inner child doesn’t want to play, simply playing relaxing music, lighting candles, and soaking in the warmth can be enough to relieve stress.


10. Make a cake and lick the spoon!

Treating yourself before the main dessert may be that extra something needed for a little pick-me-up of the day!

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