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With St. Patty’s day is right around the corner it is time for the festivities to begin! One fun event, in particular, is Milwaukee’s 9th annual Shamrock Shuffle. If you have never heard of the Shamrock Shuffle or never been, it is a charity held bar crawl, which includes Milwaukee’s four main bar scenes. A bar crawl is an event that contains visiting multiple bars all in one day or night. In this case, it is a long afternoon of drinking, partying with your friends, drinking and more fun with your friends (if you are of age of course). You are drinking all day… but at least you are drinking for a cause. The proceeds help raise money for the Hunger Task Force. I have had my fair share of bar crawls and let’s just say it takes a lot of talent and especially your “gut” to make it through successfully. It’s a marathon, not a race, so here are some tips to pace yourself.

Winning starts here:

1.      Slow and steady always wins the race.

As much as we want to drink as much & as fast as possible, the chances of you making it out after the crawl is 0-10. You want to balance out what you are drinking. Most of us know which alcohols to stay away from and which are our go-tos. You are not in a competition of who can get the drunkest the fastest, and if you are then your not 21. Just remember the more your body intakes during a short amount of time, the quicker it gets drunk faster. My best memories come from remembering the day because I paced myself.

2.      What WATER can do for you!

*Chanting H20, H20, H20, H20, H20 *  Hydrating your body is the key to balancing out the toxins that are about to enter your body. Usually, I only get one drink depending on the last bar and how long I have been there, but I usually drink at least 3 cups of water while I am there. Don’t worry if you think your pals will make fun of you for not drinking, at least water is clear, so it can be easy mistaken for vodka. They’ll never know your secret. It is also very important to drink more water then usually the week before the actual big day. This can help a lot especially if you do not want a horrible hangover the day after or even mid-way through the day.

3.      No to little to mixing your intake

If you are planning on drinking before the crawl at a pregame of such, please keep in mind do not drink it all before you head out. It may not hit you all at first, but it will hit you as soon as you leave the pregame. Mixing alcohol also very frowned upon because, each alcohol has a different proof. Please be aware of what your body can handle. I mean for example vodka and scotch are not friends. When you mix alcohol, this calls for a quick blackout. *Ring Ring* Who is it? *Alcohol, you about to black out*

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4.      Have a plan of ATTACK

Have a plan of what is going down on the day. Which bars you plan on hitting, where you are going before the crawl for the pregame, and how you are going to be managing on getting around. I always budget more on taxis and ubers in case something goes wrong.

5.      I got FOOD on my mind

Eat so much you feel stuffed all week. Have a balance diet for (at least the week of ) because you will thank me later. Trust me when I say a full belly, is a better than an empty tummy the day of because no one wants to be holding your hair back three hours into the crawl. Also, plan a stop to eat whether that be at Qdoba or Jimmy Johns. Please remember to eat. I also pack so many snacks because if you are like me, you eat constantly.

6.      It is about the MONEY

Save up some money because the day of you will not realize how much you spent until the Monday morning when you check your bank account. The major key is to also have some cash handy in case of emergencies or if you want to pay a young classmate who isn’t there to DD you to the nearest McDonalds.

7.     “That wasn’t me”

Calling someone too many times or doing something super embarrassing that you don’t remember but everyone else does. Well don’t fret it because it happens to everyone that does a bar crawl. Just remember you are having fun and so is everyone else. Drinking usually leads to some of the funniest stories especially on St. Patties day! 

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8.      Dressing cute but “reasonable cute”

Looking good is especially a must for St. Patties day. But also dressing like a mom being practical is also a must. I regret wearing heels to a bar crawl once because I was so worn out before midnight. That is because you are on your feet all day. This isn’t like going out for a few drinks for three hours. This is 12 hours of drinking; consider it like a work shift.

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9.      I FEEL IT, I FEEL IT

If and when I say if you feel sick please try to find a buddy or at least try to get yourself home. No one enjoys puking at the bar or even at an unknown person’s bathroom. However, if you are experienced…Puke and rally.

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10.    Go with the FLOW but be smart too

Sometimes the group you go with ends up not being the group you went out with. That is okay- just try and make the best out of the day.  But, remember if you end up on your own the best option is to find someone you at least kind of know or to just go home. Being alone is the worst thing you can do to yourself unless you are an experienced drinker/bar crawler.

Hi I’m Jess and basically there’s always something up with me. I currently reside in a cozy apartment in the city called Milwaukee, Wisconsin; where I either spend most of my time making collage messes while binging a new show or taking a bubble bath while stuffing my face with food in one hand, and trying to read in the other. I’m a photographer, blogger and adventurer. I am inspired by my midwest roots and free spirited dreamer attitude that makes me who I am today. I like to live in these moments and create and live freely through this amazing thing called life. I’m driven to share and write about basically anything in my life because it’s truly remarkable how small the world actually is.
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