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Her Campus at UW-Milwaukee would be non-existent if it wasn’t for Tori Sweeney, the editor-in-chief. She fought to bring this organization to the Milwaukee community, and has since then worked diligently in growing the Her Campus community. Tori will be graduating in May with her Bachelor's of Science in Marketing, Supply Chain and International Business. Her post-graduation life is lining up perfectly with her full-time position at Racine Metal-Fab as their new Marketing Specialist.  

Tori's work ethic is admirable and visible in all that she does. Aside from being the editor-in-chief and campus correspondent for Her Campus, she is also a Love Your Melon Ambassador for UW-Milwaukee. She has been active with this incredible organization that is dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer for several years.  Tori's position with Love Your Melon also involves crew outreach and spreading the word about this organization across campus.  

Somewhere in between it all, Tori has managed to be a full-time student, and a marketing intern at Racine Metal-Fab for the past several months. Tori admitted that "marketing was never really something I wanted to go into. I always wanted to go into supply chain", but the opportunity for the internship presented itself to her and she ended up thinking, "this is really cool!" This family owned company offered Tori a full-time position after her May graduation as their Marketing Specialist. She loves the company and the people she works with. So, the full-time position offer was a no brainer for her. She explained how nice it was going into her final semester with a job lined up; a huge weight of stress lifted off her shoulders. In her new role she will be managing their social media, web content, PR, and help target new markets for the company.  

Tori loves to keep busy. She currently works 25 to 30 hours a week with her internship, goes to school full-time, nannies for a couple hours a week, and is on the executive board for both organizations she is involved in. Without this busy "go-go-go" lifestyle, Tori wouldn't know what to do with herself. You go girl! 

An avid passion for Tori is traveling. She has traveled practically across the world; Tori has studied abroad in Rome, Italy and has traveled throughout Europe. Places ranging from sunny Barcelona, Spain to fabulous Paris, France and the lush green island of Ireland. Her travels are not only out of the country; she has visited New York, Boston, Philadelphia and several other big cities. Her wanderlust and crave for travel is just another quality to admire about her. 

With May approaching quickly, the question of what is next for Her Campus at UWM is looming around. Tori will be stepping down once she graduates, and the next two months will be a transition period for the new Campus Correspondent.  After two years of building Her Campus, Tori touched on what it has meant to her; "Her campus is like my baby. It's going to be really tough". Tori's time at Her Campus has made a lasting mark as she calls it "the big highlight of my college career".  

Tori is an incredible woman with an immense amount of drive, ambition, courage, and kindness. We are all so incredibly thankful for her dedication to this organization, we would be nothing without her – literally. Thank you, Tori, and best of luck on all your future endeavors.  

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