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Meet Rachel Fischer

I asked Rachel Fischer, one of our senior contributors, to tell us a little about her life, family and future aspirations. Here’s her story:

Born and raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Rachel has always loved living by Lake Michigan, that’s probably one reason why she chose to go to UW-Milwaukee.

“Other than giving me a sense of direction, the lake always makes me feel at home and its enormity humbles me when I look out at it.”

She is currently a senior at UWM, getting her degree in journalism, advertising and media studies. Upon graduation she hopes to work in public relations and social media. She loves living in Wisconsin but has high hopes to move to a new city in the near future.

“Wisconsin is part of who I am, and I’ll always call it my home, however I am excited to explore and live in new places!”

Her parents would describe her as an active child with a creative backbone. Her competitive spirit lead her to playing many types of sports, including soccer, cross-country and volleyball, and her creativity made art her favorite class to go to growing up.

“My parents did a good job of making my brothers and I well-rounded people who loved sports and the arts. I remember my dad taking me to little art museums around Kenosha and Racine to look at different paintings, then we would head right home to watch Packer game.”

Rachel talked highly of her two older brothers, as well: “I think my competitive nature comes from them roughing me up when I was little, and I thank them for it. I look up to my brothers in many ways—they always keep me grounded and I definitely got my sense of humor from watching too much Family Guy and Saturday Night Live at a very young age.”

Other than sports and art, Rachel has always had interest in social issues. Last January, she and her closest friends went to the Women’s March in Washington D.C.

“One of my proudest moments was marching alongside women, men and children of all different backgrounds for women’s rights and equality.”

Rachel talked about how important it was to her to vote in every election and to give back to her community. “I don’t think I would ever run for office, however I think by voting and volunteering time to the community can really make a difference.”

Some exciting things Rachel likes to do is check out the new installations at the Milwaukee Art Museum, go on brewery tours and enjoying the outdoors. She explains that she loves doing anything that keeps her mind and body active while hanging out with good friends and family. 

Though she aspires to work in public relations and social media after graduation, she hopes to also travel more of the U.S. and the world.

“After graduation, other than getting a job, I want to explore some national parks such as Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. Hopefully, in a few years I can visit South Africa or Thailand, or why not both?”

There is no doubt that Rachel will do all of those things and more, with her strong drive to succeed and her adventurous personality anything is possible.

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