Meet Camila Garzon Largo

Here at UWM it is our goal to share all the enlightening stories of the inspiring women on our Milwaukee campus. One of those woman being, Camila Garzon Largo! So I sat down with her and asked her a few questions about herself and ambitions for the future.

Camila is twenty-two years old and is from Bogotá, Colombia. I asked her to describe herself in three words, it is one of my favorite questions to ask people and she said she is very passionate, a strong woman, and is very curious. She knows that everything she has done is out of love. “I love my writing skills, my mom, and research” those where just a few things Camila is passionate about. Like many of our writers at Her Campus spreading passion is a huge goal, especially for us women.

Camila is currently studying journalism at UWM and plans to continue her schooling and going for her Master’s degree at the University of Madison next year. Yet, traveling the world is where she sees her future going because she loves learning about new cultures. Traveling here to the United States is a big girl move on her part, but she has already spent some time in other places like in Europe where she stayed in Spain for eight months. When we talked about the biggest difference from Colombia and here in the United States she described the importance of independence. Back in Bogotá, she said that wherever you went you were always with others. Here she said she now is able to go study on her own, go out to eat, and is able to do whatever she wants on her own. Camila said the interesting classes at UWM where sports she never imagined. At UWM she took a class, which was all about ice climbing. She also mentioned how she enjoys karate; reading, and how learning about people’s stories are some things she cannot live without.

When it comes to her inspiration, Camila talked about how her dad has influenced her to get into politics. She enjoys writing about politics. In her internship, she discussed how she felt inspired by the history and stories of others. She said, “what they think” it is what makes writing so interesting.

I wish the best for Camila she truly inspired me after our talk.