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Ashley Skrypek is a Junior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She will be graduating from UWM May of 2019 with a Bachelors in Human Resource Management. Ashley is from Round Lake, Illinois and is loving living in Milwaukee for school. After graduation she plans to stay in the area in hopes of finding a job in HR.

Ashley is on her second year at UWM, she went to Iowa State for her first semester of college. Being a first generation college student, Ashley had little to no idea what college life would bring to her. She didn’t enjoy her time at Iowa State and quickly realized she wanted to transfer schools. This is where she found UWM. She has come to find her love for the college experience and enjoy her time at UWM much more than her experiences at Iowa State.

After transferring to UWM, Ashley quickly got herself involved with Love Your Melon and Her Campus. Instead of just taking classes and being involved at UWM academically, Ashley wanted to put herself out there and get involved on campus. Getting involved on campus helped Ashley make friends and get involved in the community on and off campus.

Being active with Love Your Melon have Ashley the chance to give back to Milwaukee. She is able to help out these kids in tough situations and give them a glimpse of light on their future. Being able to give these children an experience they will never forget helps Ashley leave her mark on UWM.

On top of Love Your Melon, Ashley is a writer and social media coordinator for Her Campus. Writing for Her Campus allows Ashley to express herself and write about things she normally wouldn’t. Her Campus opened up the doors for Ashley to experience something completely new and be involved on campus. She gets to help run the social media channels for Her Campus UWM has helped her meet new people and gain new life experiences.

Being a quiet girl from Round Lake, Illinois to being a student in the middle of the city of Milwaukee was a change for Ashley. But with the help of getting involved on campus and making friends, Ashley has been able to find her home in Milwaukee. If it wasn’t for taking the difficult leap to transferring schools, she wouldn’t be the hard-working and passionate person she is today.


Just a small town girl from Illinois eager to jump into a big world. A UWM student studying Communication with a minor in Journalism and Media Studies. Once I see what I want, I will not stop until I get it. I love everything from being outside in the middle of nowhere to being smack dab in the center of a big city. I am very passionate, hard working, talkative, and thoughtful. I am always down for great adventures and I am excited to see where living in Milwaukee takes me!
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