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How to Have a Killer First Day at Your Internship

Moving on from your part-time campus job to an internship in your career field is an amazing feeling and, if you do it right, has the potential to open a lot of doors like a full time job after graduation. Naturally, there’s a lot of pressure, anxieties and nervousness surrounding your first day at your internship, but there are some totally easy things you can do to ensure you knock the socks of of your new boss and have a killer first day. 

1. Get some good sleep.

Be alert and ready for anything your boss, or new coworkers throw at you and be less jittery from the 4 cups of coffee you usually need to wake up. 

2. Dress to Impress, but be comfortable

This is one you can master at the interview process by simply asking “Is there a dress code I should follow?” Follow the dress code but also make sure you’re comfortable. For example: if you’re not sure how much time you need to spend on your feet, maybe wear flats and not heals. You’ll look great and feel great! 

3. Ask questions.

This is SO important. If you don’t totally understand what is being explained don’t hesistate to ask! You might be a new employee, but you’re also there to learn about the field. Asking for help is a great way to show you want to learn, and it will potentially save you from having to redo work later on. 

4. Be ambitious.

Come into your first day wanting to work. Be excited about the work your bosses are giving you, especially on your first day, because they are putting trust and confidence in you! 

5. Be yourself! 

So so important. You’re going to meet a ton of new people you might be surrounded with for the next year or two, and maybe people with some awesome connections. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, stay cool and be yourself and you’ll go plenty far! 

My name is Karina Laufenberg. I'm a junior in college trying to discover self-love and the tastiest cupcake in the world. I'm eye-brow obsessed, a book worm, overly active on Instagram (follow me), a Netflix addict and a lover of writing.
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