Get Planning for 2019

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Planning is something we ALL do right? Whether it's on a post-it note, on your phone, or in a fancy agenda, but getting ideas out of your head and into action is key. Brands to love, like Cloth & Paper offer clean, luxury agenda and stationary designs to help keep planning minimal and functional. 

The new 2019 Spiral Weekly Planner is perfect for any college student looking to organize their school schedule around work, social media posting, and weekend fun.

You can plan out your goals, assignments, and all your personal obligations using the spacious weekly layout, and there's a monthly home page for each month to keep track of birthdays, upcoming events, and important dates. There's also plenty of room for reflection on the days you feel like venting or celebrating. The best advice for anyone who uses a planner is to write EVERYTHING down, even the smallest of things like "naps" should be allotted time in your schedule. This is the time in your life to work hard, be productive, but also take care of yourself and enjoy life. Plan it into existence, and make 2019 your best year yet!


Written by: Mady Lopez