Campus Profile: Adam (Shaq) Gruett

I walked into his big house with large white pillars on the outside. It looked like the epitome of a frat house, but there were no frat boys in sight. Adam is decked out in a Buck’s jersey and khaki shorts with flip-flops. There is a Dierks Bentley song faintly playing in the background. There is a strong smell of old pizza and the carpet is matted with crumbs. It’s official; I’ve entered a college boy’s house. I start the interview with light questions about parties, girls and life; but I eventually play into what everyone wants to know about UWM’s infamous party-boy: Who is Shaq?

AT: Your name is Adam, however all of your friends call you Shaq. Is there a reason behind this nickname?

Shaq: Well, this goes back to first grade actually. There was 3 Adams on our basketball team and our coach gave us all nicknames and I was the biggest guy on the team and Shaq was pretty famous at that time as well so the nickname Shaq stuck.

AT: Where are you from?

Shaq: Neenah, Wisconsin. It’s a small town towards northern Wisconsin.

AT: What is your year, major and why you decided that major?

Shaq: Junior year, business marketing and international business. My dad owns a company so I’ve always been business minded and I like social media now that marketing is pretty tied into social media.

AT: You’re famous around campus for being a party-guy with some crazy stories. What is your favorite party story?

Shaq: Oh man, I need to think. My favorite memory is probably kicking Diamond Stone out. Oh and one time I blacked out with Eddie Lacey.

AT: For those who don’t know, who is Diamond Stone?

Shaq: He’s an NBA basketball player currently on the Clippers. He went to Dominican High School in Milwaukee so he’s a local icon.

AT: Why’d you kick him out?

Shaq: Because he went to Maryland instead of Wisconsin.

AT: Wherever I go, I always find someone that knows you. Do you have any advice for someone who is trying to branch out and make more friends in college?

Shaq: Be yourself. Don’t’ worry about what other people are doing. I honestly don’t care what people think about me. I also lead the student section at all the athletic events. People tend to recognize your face and feel familiar around you and you can start a network.

AT: Now onto a little deeper question; let’s talk about the girls. What is your experience with girls in college?

Shaq: I think I’m too mature for my age. I don’t know. I think I am immature when it comes to partying and being a college student but when it comes to relationships I’m too mature for what other girls are looking for at this point.

AT: If you could give college girls relationship advice from a viewpoint of a guy, what would it be?

Shaq: Don’t let your past mistake, be your next mistake.

AT: What are your views on the bachelor?

Shaq: (laughing) I only watch the bachelor so I can have something to talk about with cute girls.

AT: What would be your dream date?

Shaq: Dream. Date. Going to the airport and just flying and going somewhere. I want to try Pack up + go. It’s a travel company that books your flights and hotels and they don’t tell you where you’re going. You give them your budget and they figure it out.

AT: So you like a little adventure when it comes to dating? What other attributes in a girl do you like?

Shaq: I do. Personality is really big. Someone that you can relate with. That’s the biggest thing for me. Looks aren’t everything. Someone you can own a dog with. That’s the ideal goal, is someone you can own a dog with and still want to be with them during the process.

AT: What are your goals in life?

Shaq: To have a family. Either own my own business or be high up in a business and work in the sports environment.

AT: People know of you, but what do you want them to know about you?

Shaq: I have zero STD’s. All jokes aside, I actually have a serious side. I’m not just a huge partier and being a goofball. I can be pretty deep and like to have meaningful conversations and relationships with people.

If you could tell your freshman self one thing, what would it be?

Shaq: Go to class. (Giggles)