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Growing up I was always playing a sport. I played softball, volleyball, curling and badminton, and I always HATED running. As I reached the end of my high school career, I stopped playing all sports. I started to feel very unhappy with myself and a lot less energized. So, I started working out at the gym. I would start off my workouts with short but fast runs just to get my blood pumping.

Each day that I ran, it started to become easier and easier. I began to push myself and run just a little bit longer each time. Then, when I started university, I became extremely stressed and my thoughts were all over the place. My workouts did help me let off some steam, but they did not relax me.

I decided to throw my headphones on and run outside. I listened to my favourite songs and went at a slow pace so I could enjoy them. I started doing this almost daily. I was not going for very long, probably about two kilometres. Once the colder months came around, I took a break from running because it was cold outside and running on a treadmill and staring at a wall was not very appealing to me.

Instead, in the winter I focused more on sprints and working on my speed. Then in the warmer months, I started going for longer and longer runs. I kept to a steady five kilometres every other day.

Since I could so easily do five kilometres, I decided that I wanted to create a goal for myself: run a marathon. Now, a marathon is a lot more than five kilometres (forty kilometres), but I believed in myself.

So, I got an Apple Watch and started tracking my progress. I trained a few times a week with different variations. Some days I would do sprints, other days a light jog, and then I would run a long distance.

I got to a point where I can comfortably run ten kilometres and it is so rewarding after I get back home. It has really helped with my mental health. When I am running on my own around the city, I do not have any stressful thoughts. I focus on the music and each step I take.

Coming from someone who used to dread running, I can vouch that it is a great way to clear your mind. You will always feel so much better and happier once you have completed the run.

Saying all that, to be able to go on these long runs, you must make sure you are eating enough and drinking lots of water! By no means am I an expert on long-distance running, but just speaking from experience, I have benefitted immensely and I would recommend anyone give it a shot.

Olivia Stanco

UWindsor '23

My name is Olivia! I hope you love reading my articles as much as I love writing them!
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