What to Expect Now That You Have Joined a Sorority.

September came and went and all the Greek organizations were looking to recruit new members! You have seen multiple houses, talked to a bunch of people, and met a whole lot of new girls, however; now that you have finally gotten pinned...


The reality is, you may not know what to expect out of a sorority. A month full of hype and yet it’s possible you still don’t know what’s going on.


First thing first, you should expect to be pampered with lots of gifts!


You have just joined the sorority and every sorority has it own special way of celebrating their new members. Most of the times you will get pampered with gifts. Gifts are not a part of joining; you do not just get gifts because you joined a sorority. Most of the times members of the sorority will pamper you with gifts especially if they are your new member mentor.



After being pampered you might feel a bit bombarded

It’s completely natural to feel like you’re being bombarded with information. Every sorority has its own new member process, which involves history and rules to learn and live by. You’ll learn about the laws of the sorority, how to dress appropriately in business attire, how to be professional and more! It might seem like a lot at first, but trust me, it’s important to learn these things.   

Now that you realize that you need to learn a lot of information, you’ll see that there’s a fair bit of obligations. These obligations might feel overwhelming, however; your sisters will understand that sometimes there are things you cannot show up to because you have other things going on.They are always supportive. Most sororities will make accommodations in special circumstances when it comes to mandatory voted on events if you communicate ahead of time. Communication is key when joining a sorority.

The sorority will have BIG LITTLE SEASON! The most exciting time after initiation and your recruitment period, is big little reveal! You will generally get pinned first, and then initiated. These normally occur before receiving your big sister. This sister could be your lifetime best friend and you were more than likely paired with them because of the connection you share. Disclaimer: not every big sister, or little sister you have will share that deep connection. Not all big/little relationships are the same, however; you will always have at least one sister in the sorority who is your best friend.

You will have fun either way! There are a lot of events that come with sororities; these events will build strong connections and help shape your future self. Most sororities will help you grow, depending on who are the people in it, and what their base values are.