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Wen Do Women’s Self Defense Course Offered Online During COVID-19

While UWindsor Flip the Script program is not being offered this year due to COVID-19 female students are still able to sign up for women’s self-defense courses through Canada’s Wen Do Program. Wen Do is a type of women's self-defense that teaches women how to protect themselves using their body as it is. It works against preexisting ideals around how women should act and helps provide them with the physical and mental strength to stand up for their own safety no matter what.  

In-person, these courses take place over two days in a 15-hour course and are offered to women and girls 10 and up. In an online format the courses take on a new form and are offered in pairs (two women using one screen or computer) or single (one woman on one computer). The courses available include:  

February 2021- 6-hour series:  

$160.00 per pair  

This course is only offered for paired screens with two women. It takes place over 3 two hour sessions on February 17th, February 24th, and March 3rd 7-9pm.    

March 2021- 3-hour Workshops:  

$100.00 per pair  

$80.00 per student  

This course offers an overview of self-defence skills alongside a discussion on how to define your ideas around self-protection and violence. It is offered in two different forms, one for single-screen users or screens with only one woman, and one for paired screens or screens with two women.   

Saturday, March 13th 12-3pm is offered for Single/one women per screen.  

Sunday, March 14th 12-3pm is offered for Pairs/ two women per screen.

Contact Deb Chard at [email protected] or 416 289-3126 to register. Visit  for more information and to find future classes.