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Warm Sunsets and Cotton Candy Skies

What makes the University of Windsor’s location so unique is the fact that it is located right beside the Ambassador Bridge! Riverside Drive travels along the Detroit River, between its beautiful riverfront parks– often the home to geese (if you hadn’t already noticed from them crossing the street while vehicles drive by), office buildings, and high rise apartment buildings. It is quite popular in Windsor, as it is where the beach is located and the annual Life In Color festival also takes place here. For students, it’s an easy access location for an evening run or to simply watch the sun rise or set. Besides that, driving to a 7 p.m lecture isn’t so bad when the sky looks just like cotton candy, right?


Tazeen is a second year Criminology major at UWindsor. She enjoys sipping on coffee, sketching, and playing field hockey. Her free time consists of watching horror movies and playing the guitar. Some of her favourite music includes the 1957, Arctic Monkeys, J. Cole, and The Weeknd. She also has a passion for photography and hopes to someday travel and explore the world!  
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