Things to Know About Box Lacrosse

Contrary to popular belief, Canada’s national sport is not hockey.  Hockey may be one of the most popular, and a loved sport in Canada, but it is still not the national sport.  Recently it was hockey that was identified as the national winter sport in Canada.  So if hockey isn’t the national sport, then what is?  The answer to that is lacrosse.  Lacrosse has been around for much longer than hockey, with its roots stretching back to the Aboriginal people.  For those of you who know nothing about this amazing sport and want to know more, here are a few things to know about the fastest game on two feet.

Lacrosse is a high paced sport

This sport is typically described as the fastest sport on two feet.  Players wear light equipment and have to run the ball from end to end, but there is a catch.  Each team can only have the ball for 30 seconds or the other team gets the ball.  If the team with possession has a shot on the goalie, the 30 shot clock is reset back to 30.  This means players have to move fast if they do not want to lose possession.

A high scoring game

The hard rubber ball that is used in lacrosse is about the size of a baseball, the nets are 1.45m by 1.2m, and even though the goalies wear quite a bit of equipment to fill the net, it is still a high scoring game.  The average number of goals combined between the two teams in a National Lacrosse League game is 25.

Watching a National Lacrosse League game LIVE should be on your bucket list

The energy in the stadium is amazing.  There is always action on the floor, since it is such a high paced game.  Music is playing throughout the whole game, not just when there is a stoppage of play.  The hits are huge, and the shots are hard.  What about this doesn’t make you want to go?


This sport is animal

Having high speed games means there are high speed hits.  Lacrosse is one of the hardest hitting sports there is.  There is very little equipment, and the goal is to hit the other team to gain possession of the ball.  

The dirty dangles

Swimming, yard sailing, around the world, and backbreaker are just some of the slang you hear when referring to the crazy moves that players will do with their sticks when in possession of the ball.