Things I Have Been Loving: Winter 2019

For me, the winter season is always the hardest to get through, and considering our extremely cold weather, it’s been even harder to enjoy each day. These types of conditions make staying in and cozying up even more important and special. Instead of reminiscing on the warm, sunny weather, I’m trying to find the beauty in even the cold days. It’s the small things you surround yourself with that make the difference. Here are some things I’ve been enjoying in my daily life that might warm your winter:


  1. Flow Magazine

Unlike traditional fashion and beauty magazines that we are used to seeing, this magazine focuses on mental wellness and mindfulness. It is packed with inspiring stories, psychologist-approved messages on what behaviours to include and ignore in your life, and all sorts of adventures that proved to be fulfilling for the writers. The magazine is not only enriching with knowledge, but the art and aesthetic of the magazine make it a beautiful part of my evening as I can dwell on the text or the artwork. Flow also provides little gifts in each issue. My last issue included beautiful posters designed by international illustrators featured in the issue. You can choose to subscribe through their site (international prices: $62.21 for 3 issues or $124.41 for 6 issues; includes shipping) or you can pick up individual issues at Indigo stores for about $25 per issue. Being a subscriber to the magazine gives you benefits like 10% off their online shop which includes art and books from featured artists in the magazines. All around, Flow has become a special part of my day where I can indulge in all things lovely and peaceful.

2.) RMS Beauty - Un Cover-Up Concealer/Foundation

I’m beginning my transition to clean, natural, and cruelty-free beauty items. I can’t splurge all at once on all-new makeup, but one thing I thought was imperative to start with was to switch my foundation for one that suits my new criteria. This foundation (retails $45 at Sephora) has been a dream to work with. It is creamy, so I apply it with a stippling brush similar to the one that they sell with the product (you don’t have to buy the brush if you’re saving money). It evens out the redness in my skin and gives me the coverage and dewy finish I love. The product is identified by Sephora as a clean beauty product, and their policies for their clean beauty products are found here. I have combination skin, and this time of year my skin gets flakey and tight. Along with great moisturizers, this foundation helps combat dryness with coconut oil, castor oil, beeswax, and more amazing ingredients. If you leave your face alone throughout the day it has lasting power, but the foundation can move a little if you have glasses or touch your face. It’s understandable considering how moisturizing the ingredients are, but it’s a small price to pay for the wonders it has done for my skin both daily and long term. It’s quick to put on my face in the morning (quicker than traditional foundations that often require more work to blend) and I feel good about leaving it on all day and night with it’s nourishing and natural ingredients.

3.) Pick Up Limes

This new-to-me Youtube channel is hosted by the beautiful Sadia. If you’re looking for videos about all-around wellness, wholeness, and fulfilled living, this is the best channel to binge watch.. She posts videos about slow living, delicious vegan dishes, minimalism, and more ways to get the most out of your daily lifestyle. The quality of the videos make it aesthetically pleasing to watch, but the content is also informative, instructional, and well-researched. For more Youtube recommendations, check out Tamer’s article posted earlier this week!

Cozy up with these lovely finds, and warm up your winter. Stay focused on your goals, stay true to yourself, and have fun - no matter how gross it is outside.