Ten Things You Understand if You Are a Teacher

Hey everyone, welcome back to another article. Unintentionally, I have been following a theme of teaching related articles, so here is another one. These are things I have either found to be true or have had other teachers tell me to be true. I hope you enjoy this article and maybe laugh a little too.


1.Your hot drinks are usually cold.

If you prepare a hot drink in the morning, you will usually forget to drink it throughout the day. No matter how many times you do this, you will still reach for you cold coffee or tea, take a sip, and immediately regret the decision.


2. Your job doesn’t end with the school day.

The school day is usually 8:20-2:20, but most teachers will arrive at least 30 minutes before the bell to get ready, stay after school to coach and mark, and take work home to get ready for the next day. Ultimately, a teachers day is far longer than 6 hours.


3. You will never have enough pencils.

I swear students eat pencils. Every day a handful of students will ask for pencils, or you will lose a pencil, or you might bring them home. Before you know it all the pencils are gone, and you have to go buy more.

4. Teacher shows become oddly hilarious.

Some shows are funny when they include scenes with teachers or are about teachers. Once you become a teacher, these shows and scenes automatically become 10x funnier because you realize the crazy things that happen have some truth.


5. Students don’t think you have a life.

No matter how many times you tell your students you went out for coffee, went home to your family, or went to the movies, they will still think you live at school. The best part is when they see you in public, and they have the most shocked look on their face.



6. Teachers get really good at timing bathroom breaks.

Yes, this is a bit T.M.I., but it’s true. Teachers in high school have 3 periods of teaching with 5-minute windows between classes. This doesn’t allow a lot of time to go. Either you have to wait, or you start training to beat Usain Bolt in a race.



7. Other teachers will try and steal your spark.

It is inevitable that some people just don’t want to be in the profession they are in. This happens in any job. Teachers have to remember why they do what they do, and not let anyone influence their attitudes.  Stay strong as a teacher and keep telling others why you love what you do.


8. There will always be at least one student who pushes all your buttons.

Some students just want to be a pain to make their friends laugh, or for them to seem cool. This is the student you have to watch out for. Not because they will cause you trouble, but usually because it means they haven’t found something they like. If teachers pay attention to students’ interests they are far more likely to listen and behave. Ask the misbehaving student what they like. Usually, they will tell you and soon you have their attention and respect. This may not always work, but I guarantee it will at least work 80% of the time.


9. Teachers need mental health days too.

Every day we are at work we have to help shape the minds of the future.  Sometimes this responsibility can be a bit heavy, and teachers need a break. If teachers don’t take care of themselves, they can’t do their job properly. No one wants that, especially the teacher.


10. We have an amazing job.

Getting to teach what we love every day, getting to meet amazing students, making lifelong friends, being creative, and so much more. This job is amazing, and I wouldn’t want to do anything else

Thanks for reading!