Summer Running Tips

Thanks for checking out my last article for the year. I figured since it’s the final one, I would go back to writing about running. I know hot-weather running can be difficult and dangerous sometimes, so here are some of my favourite tips to enjoy running in summer weather, and tips for staying safe.


1) Plan your route to have a water stop, or carry a water bottle

In the hot weather you will sweat a lot. You want to make sure to stay hydrated before, during, and after a run. If you can’t handle carrying a water bottle on your run, try and figure out where in your city you can get a sip of water mid-run


2) Carry a salt vial

As gross as this sounds, you lose sodium (salt) when you sweat. If you run out of sodium, your muscles will start to cramp. This can be painful and annoying. If you have a little vial or packet of salt, put a pinch in your mouth every few kilometers. This will help decrease the likelihood of you getting a cramp and needing to walk the rest of your run.


3) Wear light colours

Block out the UV rays and stay cool by wearing light coloured clothes. Light colours don’t absorb the sun’s rays so you won’t heat up as quickly as you would in dark clothes. A lighter coloured layer of clothes will also help you to not get sunburnt on your run.



Sunscreen is very important for protecting your skin from UV rays. One thing I recommend is getting a spray sunscreen rather than a lotion sunscreen. If you wear lotion, it can clog your pores and you may feel extra sweaty. If you want protection without feeling like you’re dripping, get a sport spray sunscreen.

5) Find a stream

This is one of my favourite things on a hot summer run. When I am able to find a stream or pond, I love to dip my shirt or bare feet into the water. Wetting your shirt will help you cool down. Sometimes with the hot weather your feet get hot, so taking off your shoes for five minutes in the water will also help you cool down. I wouldn’t go all the way in the water, but a quick and refreshing splash will do the trick.


6) Know your limits

Lastly, if it is too hot, take a day off. Running when it’s too hot can be very dangerous. If you really don’t want to miss a day, head to a gym that offers day passes.


Thanks for reading my articles this year! I hope you have a great summer!