The Staff Room

Growing up, if you were like me, you always wondered what happened in the staff room or at least what the staff room looked like. It was a mystical place of secrets. Now that I am a teacher I have learned that the staff room actually is a magical place, and it exceeded my expectations.

Here is a list of some of the best staff room moments I have experienced.

The Printer be Jammin’

The first day I walked into the staff room I saw a sign above the printer that perfectly exemplified the stereotype that the printer/copier machine is always jamming. The printer had this picture above it, and I couldn’t stop laughing. This was my first experience with the comedy of the teachers. (Side note, the printer used to be called Chris)


Fortnight Dance

The teachers at my school are really involved when it comes to student assemblies. They were going to create a video doing the fortnight dances, and what better place to practice than the middle of the staff room. The teachers started flossing, doing boneless, best mates, and much more. One teacher even decided to try doing the worm in the staff room. Needless to say everyone was laughing and trying to dance.


Staff Lounge

Teachers work hard and sometimes during their prep period they need to rest. Two of the staff rooms at my school have couches and TVs with Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Video. When I was a kid I thought TVs and couches in the staff room was a rumour. Now that I am a teacher I realize it’s not a myth, and it’s actually pretty awesome.

Student Talk

Now this one I am putting out there to put a rest to all of the questions. Yes teachers talk about students in the staff room, but not that often. Most of the time we just talk about our weekends and what we are looking forward to for the week. When we talk about students it is usually about something awesome they did or something funny they did/said. So, yes we talk about students, but 99% of the time we talk about how awesome the students are.  The other 1% is us talking about concerns for a students and how we can help.

These are some of my favourite things about the staff room, and I hope any questions you had are now answered. The staff room is cooler than I ever thought it would be and hopefully, if you are a teacher, you feel this way too.  I hope you enjoyed this article and maybe get some ideas for your staff room!