My Running Essentials

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Welcome back to another article in my new series called “The Running Report”.  I hope to offer some tips on how to train for different events, tools to help you recover, how to brave the elements, and much more.  For some background of my knowledge, I have been running for six years and have a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science. As a preface I have my own personal knowledge of what works for me.  I have learned that what works for one person might not work for another. If my tips help you then I am super happy, but if they don’t please don’t get frustrated. I have learned through experience that experimenting with workouts, nutrition, and rest are the best ways to know what works.  Without further ado, here are some of my running essentials!


1.New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon

These shoes are a neutral cushioned shoe.  I love these shoes because they don’t force my foot into a certain position.  I can also wear them for long runs, short runs, or workouts. They are a very versatile shoe and they have a nice look to them as well.  I do recommend purchasing the darker colour if you want to hide the mud that may or may not attract itself to your feet when running.

2. Bondi Band Headband

I love these headbands for their functionality and style.  They have a variety of designs and slogans on them that are perfect for every occasion.  My favourite slogan is probably, “I don’t chase boys, I pass them.” These headbands are great for keeping your ears warm in the winter or sweat out of your eyes in the summer.  They don’t slide around, which is important when I race because I don’t want to waste energy adjusting what’s on my head.

3. R8 Roller

The R8 Roller is a deep tissue massage tool that takes the struggle out of foam rolling.  The spring loaded arms on the R8 roller ensure that the wheels close on your leg so that an appropriate amount of pressure is used to get out tight spots.  This roller may be painful at first, but your legs feel so good afterwards. I have used my roller after workouts, races, or just when my legs are sore. I definitely notice a difference after using the roller versus not using the roller.

4. SpyderGrip Backpack

This little running backpack is just big enough for a few things you may need on a long run.  This backpack is tight to your back so the bag doesn't jump up and down on your back. This is great because I have too many burns on my back from bags that haven’t been tight.  This bag also allows for my hands to be free rather than having to hold my cell-phone, which I run with for safety. I can also carry Gel to replace my carbohydrates that lose on long runs and any other essentials I may need.  

5. Dark Chocolate

Before almost all of my runs I enjoy a piece or two of dark chocolate.  I just enjoy the flavour before I run along with the quick energy boost in the morning.  I highly recommend the lindt dark chocolate sea salt or coconut. If you don’t like flavours I would recommend the 70-80% dark unless you can handle the 90%.  I have tried the 90% and like the flavour, but not for before a run.


Thanks for checking out my 1st article in this series!  Make sure to check back next week for another one.