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Meet Emily Stadder, an 18-year-old amateur golfer from the University of Windsor. She is a first-year major in Human Kinetics, and enjoys…well, golf. I interviewed Emily in hopes to find out more about her background, and we also talked about some gender issues in sports. Let’s get started!


How did you start playing golf?

“My little brother and dad would go golfing at the par 3 course at Roseland, and they always had a lot of fun, so I wanted to try it too!”


What are some of the tournaments you’ve participated in? Any favourites?

“Actually when I first started golfing, I was afraid of tournaments, but I eventually got over that! Since then, I’ve been in a lot of tournaments; it is hard to pick a favourite! I’ve played in Optimist events, on the Jamieson Vitamin’s Junior golf tour, high school tournaments and university tournaments to name a few.”


Do you have any family members who play as well? If yes, what kind of golf-oriented relationship do you guys have?

“My little brother, William, and my dad got me started golfing so we sometimes play and practice together. We will have friendly competition with each other.”

As a female golf player, does it bother you that when people who do not follow the golf scene only usually know male golfers, such as Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson?

“It doesn’t bother me that much because it isn’t really their fault. Women’s golf as well as other women’s sports doesn’t get the coverage that men’s sports do. I think that’s the issue in itself."


Do you have any opinion as to why male sports get more coverage than women sports?

“I feel like it is a cycle. Men’s sports are more popular so they get more air time, which in turn just makes them more popular.”


Do you think as a population, we will ever learn to appreciate women’s sports like how we appreciate men’s sports?

“I think so! Women’s sports has made great strides in the past where it is today and I think it will continue to move toward equity!”


Do you have any plans to make golf a career path or is it just a hobby?

“I plan to continue to play for Windsor and see how my game improves. I don’t think I’ll end up on the LPGA or anything, but that’s the great thing about golf, even if you don’t make a career of it, golf is a life long sport that you can enjoy for a long time!”


Emily will be competing in the summer on the Jamieson Junior Tour, and she will continue playing for the university in the fall.



Paulo is a first-year English Major from the University of Windsor. He graduated from Vincent Massey Secondary School, and will always be a proud Mustang. 
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