It's Okay to Stress Eat Sometimes

          Yes, having healthy eating habits is important, but life is all about balance, right? As a pageant queen and occasional model, people tend to think that I watch my diet constantly. The truth is, I eat my feelings almost daily. These confessions will either make you feel better about your own eating habits, gross you out, or entertain you.

          The week before finals, I went to a bake sale every day. I wish I could say that it was out of the kindness of my heart, that I wanted to support each cause, but if I’m being honest, it’s because the void I felt inside could only be filled with cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies.


          If I’m going through any minor inconvenience, I have to ration my flavoured popcorn or I will eat the entire bag in one sitting.

          All of my friends buy me peanut butter cups for Christmas and my birthday because they know that I have an unhealthy addiction to those things. Angry? Eat a peanut butter cup. Sad? Eat two peanut butter cups. And so on.

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          When I eat a salad, multiple servings of fruit, or something with “organic” written on the label, I feel like I’ve basically achieved a satisfying level of healthiness for the day. I then continue to eat whatever I want (pizza, chicken wings, brownies, etc.) because I ate a salad. So the other stuff doesn’t count.

          The moral of the story is: there are enough things in life to stress about. Unless bad eating habits are making a huge impact on your life, accept that everyone does at least one unhealthy thing. So go ahead, eat as many cookies as you want. If it’ll keep you calm for exams, it’s probably worth it.