How You Can Spread a Little Kindness Each Day

Every day we go about our day-to-day lives, often failing to throw a little kindness around. Random acts of kindness don’t go unnoticed and often make someone (who could be having a bad day) very happy! Why wouldn’t you want to be the reason someone’s frown turns upside down? Here are some cute (and super easy) ways you can cheer someone up and make their day a little brighter:


1)    Shoveling your neighbors driveway:

‘Tis the season for snow and snow-covered driveways. Your neighbor might be away at work or come home late. Their driveway isn’t shoveled, making their day a little more tedious than usual. If you happen to get home early, take the time to do a little shoveling. Leave a cute note and spread some kindness that way (while getting in a good cardio workout at the same time). This is great, especially if your neighbor is elderly, handicapped, pregnant, or works multiple jobs - these people especially would appreciate the help!


2)    Tip a little extra:

When you’re done your lovely meal at a restaurant and it’s time to pay the bill, tip a little extra. While it is important to tip the minimum amount each time you’re out and about (20%), you can always tip more than that if you think the service deserves it. This will make your waiter smile and will leave you feeling satisfied. Remember, waiters and waitresses live off their tips!


3)    Help out the janitor:

You can spread a little cheer by helping out the janitor at your work, university, or favorite café. For instance, if you notice the trash overflowing in a classroom, help empty it out. This can make their job easier and will make their day a little less busy. It’s always important to treat the custodial staff with kindness and respect because they spend their days always taking care of our workspaces. At the very least, make sure you never leave your trash lying around!


4)    Spend some time at a retirement home:

As someone who used to volunteer with geriatric patients, I know how rewarding this can be. Many people in retirement homes are lonely, with family members who may not be able to visit them as often. You can volunteer your time to play the piano, hear their life stories, and even play a game. Not only will you be spreading kindness, but you’ll also have great company.


5)    Do chores (without your mom asking):

Our moms do a lot for us, and many of our moms are working women. They come home late to a series of waiting chores. On a random day, you can choose to do some chores to alleviate your mother’s workload (so she’ll come home to an empty sink – with NO dishes). She’ll be smiling from ear to ear, plus it’ll be a good deed that’s completely random.



There are infinitely many other ways that you can spread a little love and kindness each day. Give people compliments, let someone go ahead of you in line, or pay for someone else’s coffee. It is important to do these acts without any sort of expectation of reward so you can feel good about yourself and completely throw the other person off guard. Practice these acts from time to time – I promise you’ll feel pretty great, and make someone else feel pretty good too.