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Hobbies I Picked Up During Quarantine (That I Actually Still Do)

Quarantine was a tough time for everyone because getting out of the house to cure the boredom of life was nearly impossible. Other than going for walks or driving around, there wasn’t too much people were actually allowed to do, and when we were left to our own devices, we came up with many ways to spend our lonely days alone. Personally, I started off optimistic, thinking after those 2 weeks I’d be back to regular in-person learning, yet here I am, 2 years after the initial lockdown, and I haven’t been in a school in over a year. Hobbies were something everyone needed during these times to essentially keep them from going crazy, and then dropped them after they could leave their homes again. I was one of the few who kept up with the hobbies, and I still enjoy doing them on rainy days, or just days where I don’t really feel like leaving my house. 

Sticker making was one of the newest things I’ve picked up during Covid. I always loved putting stickers on everything and I always found some I liked, but there were always some ideas in my head for stickers I could never find; so, I made them myself! I went out to Michael’s and got all my supplies and started making designs for stickers on my laptop. I ended up turning this hobby into a small business and my love for it has only grown from there. With my profits I got a Cricut machine and now I can make even more fun stuff for myself and even my pen pal! 

During the Covid lockdowns, people all over TikTok were making homemade bread. For weeks and weeks on end, all I saw on my feed was bread. Focaccia, sourdough, and very fancy loaves were all I ever saw, and I finally decided, maybe I should test out making some bread. I started off with small basil and rosemary loaves that turned out amazing, and when I sent some off with a friend for a barbeque, they were a huge hit! Knowing people liked my baking made me super happy, and started a not-so-healthy baking addiction. I made funfetti cookies, zucchini cakes, blueberry streusel muffins, and everything else you could probably think of. I don’t bake as much now, with the heavy demands of school always keeping me away from it, but I still do occasionally enjoy a good homemade treat. 

As an artist with a small business, looking for new art projects was a constant state of mind, and after hours of Pinterest stalking I had my new obsession: painting jeans. After having my friend ask me for 2 pairs of painted jeans (which turned out adorable!), I started offering more. I had a few pairs made total, including ones for me and some shorts that got sent to Florida. I thought that was pretty sweet, and seeing people wear my art was a whole new crazy experience for me! I’ve since started painting tote bags and taking custom orders for them, and it’s been a great creative outlet for me. I love to wear thrifted clothes, and being able to turn a pair of baggy jeans into a fun art piece just makes some outfits that much better! 

Now, whether or not this is a hobby is a personal definition, but over the lockdowns I definitely picked up thrifting and fashion (at least when the stores were open). I also flipped a lot of the finds, and made them more my style, and added some flare. My fashion choices started to range more from always wearing leggings and big hoodies, to wearing ‘ugly’ old knit sweaters and more fun clothing items that helped me express myself. I got more fun socks, which I actually collect, and funky 90s colour block shoes to help change up my style. I also bought vintage tees, less form fitting jeans, skirts, and other things I usually didn’t wear because I felt I didn’t look good in them, or they didn’t fit my body shape. Since these experiments I have become more confident, and have become a better thrifter. 

Hobbies aren’t just meant for people who already like things in that category; even if you think you can’t draw, having a creative outlet through art is an amazing way to express any emotions you may be feeling, good or bad. There’s no better time than the present to start something new, and remember everything gets better with practice!

Zelia Piasentin

UWindsor '25

My name is Zelia Piasentin and I am a psychology major at the University of Windsor! I haven't fully decided on my post-grad career, but I want to help others in any way I can. Some of my hobbies include reading, drawing, writing to my pen pal and running my small business. I also love camping and go for walks with my dog! You can find me on Instagram @zeliapiasentin and my shop @littlelemon.co , I'm always open to new friends!!
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