Getting Involved Part 2: Campus Clubs, Programs and Organizations Worth Checking Out

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In my last article, I discussed how getting more involved on campus greatly improved my mental health and overall well-being. As a follow-up to that article, I'd like to share some outstanding clubs, programs, and organizations at our university to give you some ideas on where - and how - to get involved. 


1. Enactus University of Windsor - Fast Facts

  • Co-Presidents: Ian Virtue and Dhruv Gaitonde
  • Purpose: Motivate and empower young entrepreneurs
  • What they do: Work with students and academic and business leaders to promote economic health in Windsor-Essex
  • Special focus: Entrepreneurship

For more information on Enactus, click here.

2. Demolishing Walls - Fast Facts

  • President: Fatima Nadeem
  • Purpose: To raise more awareness for mental and general health
  • What they do: Hold several fundraisers throughout the year to help fund events at Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital
  • Special focus: Geriatric mental health

For more information on Demolishing Walls, click here.

3. UWindsor Model United Nations - Fast Facts

  • President: Sarah Hage Hassan
  • Purpose: To promote leadership and political awareness
  • What they do: Hold mock debates and workshops to prepare for national and international conferences
  • Special focus: World social issues

For more information on Model UN, click here.

4. WE Students United - Fast Facts

  • President: Katrina Bahnam
  • Purpose: Raise awareness about poverty in Windsor-Essex and the impact it has on the community
  • What they do: Hold fundraisers and events including fashion shows and poverty simulations; members also volunteer at United Way events such as iClimb!
  • Special focus: Reduce poverty in Windsor-Essex

For more information on WE Students, click here.


1. Connecting4Success - Fast Facts

  • Offered by the Student Success and Leadership Centre
  • Mentorship program for first-year and transfer students
  • You can apply to become a mentor or a mentee
  • Meet with your mentee/mentor to discuss any challenges and to receive/offer support and information about various resources on campus

For more information on C4S, click here.

2. LEAD - Fast Facts

  • Offered by the Student Success Centre
  • Host various sessions throughout the year (e.g. Head Start, Winter Orientation, Summer Information Program, etc.)
  • Facilitate group workshops

For more information on LEAD, click here

3. Volunteer Internship Program - Fast Facts

  •  Offered by the Centre for Career Development and Experiential Learning (Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre)
  •  Students are placed with a local not-for-profit organization
  • In addition to gaining volunteer experience, students complete various assignments and workshops to help them prepare for their future careers

For more information, click here

Additional Clubs, Resources, and Societies 

Organizations: Greek Life - Fast Facts

  • There are several sororities and fraternities on campus
  • Each one has its own unique attributes
  • Great way to make lasting friendships, enhance academic performance, give back to the community and gain leadership skills
  • Sororities: Delta Zeta, Delta Alpha Theta, Phi Sigma Sigma, Zeta Phi Beta
  • Fraternities: Delta Chi, Sigma Chi, Pi Lambda Phi

While this list covers only a fraction of the many clubs, programs, and services on campus, I hope it inspires you to find your perfect fit! If you would like to do your own research, a good place to start is the UWSA Hub. Happy searching! 

I’d like to thank the following students for contributing to this list:

  • Carli Cristofari, fourth-year Honours Psychology with Thesis
  • Fatima Nadeem, second-year Honours Biology and Psychology
  • Victoria Pedri, fourth-year Honours Psychology with Thesis
  • Melanie Renaud, third-year Honours Digital Journalism and Communication, Media, and Film
  • Kiera Royle, fourth-year Honours Social Work and Women and Gender Studies
  • Kaitlin Smyth, fourth-year Honours Criminology and Psychology with Thesis
  • Elisa Quaggiotto, first-year Honours Business with Co-op