Fun and Simple Secret Santa Ideas

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, chances are you’ve been invited to at least one holiday gathering this season. Gatherings with friends, family, or coworkers during the holiday season typically means “Secret Santa” will be taking place; an anonymous gift exchange between members of a group. If you’re participating in a Secret Santa exchange this year and are unsure of what to buy, read below for a list of simple yet thoughtful gifts that would be suited for most people.


1.     An adult colouring book



Because who doesn’t love to colour?


2.     A cute coffee mug



I know I could use a mug like this.


3.     A Himalayan salt lamp



Salt lamps can have many health benefits and would be well-suited for anyone on your list.


4.     A warm blanket



Perfect for the winter season!


5.     Pet accessories



For the pet lover we all know and love.


6.     Gas card



Perfect for even the pickiest co-worker or family member.


Secret Santa is a fun, holiday-themed activity to bring together families and other social groups. While gift giving/receiving can be a heart-warming experience, it can also be very stressful when you’re unsure of what to get. Here’s hoping this list helps in your holiday gift search this year!