Fitness is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

“I’ll start my diet tomorrow”. 

It’s great that you’re taking the initiative to become healthier, but are you writing this down in permanent marker or dry erase? There are countless fad diets and “quick fixes” that are taking over social media which even main-stream celebrities are advocating. Some of these are quite scary and some don’t even make sense. For those of you that don’t know, your body naturally detoxes itself for free so there’s no need to buy a tea that makes you poop.

If you have goals or you want to be healthier, the first thing to note is that it requires sacrifice at every level and every stage. Sacrifice in a healthy way, for example, not eating after 8pm or cutting back on some dessert. Do not starve or overwork yourself. If you want to be healthier and stick to it, it’s a decision you have to consciously make yourself. The goal should always be your health, not the number on the scale.

A great way to think of a fitness journey is like a marathon, not a sprint. This is why not everyone wins at it. If you trained for a marathon by sprinting 100 metres sporadically, you’d never train completely and you would fail. If you sprinted the first 100 metres of your marathon race, you’d be so exhausted you’d likely not even finish the race. The only way to be competitive in a marathon is by finding a pace and sticking to it. Marathon runners don’t give up halfway because it's hard, they continue to push forward.

Like marathons, it takes hours and hours of training and learning to become healthier and fitter. You won’t reach the finish line sprinting and you won’t reach it by starving yourself. Marathon runners have to find a balance and that’s exactly what we all need to find. Find a pace you feel comfortable at and stick to it. Stay consistent and don’t give up just because it’s hard and you’ll cross your finish line.