Eyecare Tidbits to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

A lot of people (surprisingly) don’t know a lot about eye-care and how to avoid hurting their eyes. I am here today to correct any misconceptions you may have and tell you my top four eye-care tips to keep your eyes healthy and working well.


Firstly, always make sure you’re eating a balanced diet. This means incorporating fruits and veggies into your diet. This can be a serving each meal, post-workout, or even while you’re studying. Some options can include eye-healthy options such as citrus fruits, spinach, kale,  as well as other creative combinations that you may be craving. These fruits can help with Vitamin A absorption and have other nutritional benefits.


Secondly, always wear protective eyewear when engaging in sports, or any other activities that could potentially harm your eyes! A lot of people don’t understand the preventative value of wearing protective eyewear – better safe than sorry! If you’re playing a game of squash, plop on that eyewear! If you’re in a lab that works with dangerous chemicals, or you have to heat up substances to very high degrees, put on some goggles! Also, please don’t wear contacts in a laboratory setting, the principle investigator or a research associate approves. Protect those eyes!


Additionally, wear those shades! Whether you’re outside on a sunny day, driving to work, or basking by the pool – put ‘em on. Not only does it look good, but it protects your eyes from UV rays. Why is this important? Well, if you fail to wear sunglasses, it could potentially lead to blurred vision or cloudiness (Cataracts). Be in style, but also take care of those eyes the next time it’s sunny outside!


Lastly, always be aware of your family’s eye-care history. Do not miss out on those eye-care exams, visit your physician regularly, and take the proper prescription medication advised for your eyes. Do not wear contact lenses without undergoing the proper tests to ensure you can find the best and most suitable brand. Do a little bit each year by giving back to your eyes, through these crucial eye-care exams.


For a more comprehensive list of tips check out the National Eye Institute’s website:


After all, your eyes do a lot for you, so why not take the proper care to keep them healthy (and functional)? Stay safe and eye-healthy this semester folks!