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The Difference Between High School and University

Getting ready in the morning

High school: You wake up at least an hour before school starts, pick out the outfit that fits all the current trends, take the time to do your hair and makeup, and eat a well-balanced breakfast.

University: Wake up about ten minutes before your 8:30 class, throw on leggings and your program sweater, and if you’re lucky, you can grab an Oreo to eat while rushing across campus.


High School: You sit next to all your friends while reading Lord of the Flies and discussing it with the class in great detail, which you complain is way too much work.

University: You sip coffee while trying to stay awake as your professors rattles off all the uninteresting but incredibly important facts that will all show up on your midterm next week. Oh shit, you have a midterm next week.




High School: You sit with your group of friends and eat your homemade sandwiches and gossip about everything you’ve heard throughout the day.

University: You sit alone, nibbling on pizza from the CAW that cost more than your student budget can handle.



After school

High school: You walk home with friends, do some homework, watch tv, go on social media, have dinner, talk to your family, hangout with your friends again.

University: After school? What after school? I have night classes.




High school: Do the practice questions your teacher gave to you, maybe read over a few notes.

University:  Read lecture slides, notes, textbook, make cue cards, read textbook again, make notes from the lecture, slides, and textbook, admit that you’re probably going to fail because you didn’t study enough.



Bed time

High school: This is usually sometime between 10 and 12 after a successful day when you recharge for the next day.

University: Sleep? What’s sleep? Coffee.



Hi everyone, my name is Sadie and I am a third year student studying Sociology. My hobbies include reading, writing, horseback riding, and eating sushi with friends.
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