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We’ve all been there, frantically searching the course catalogue and the UWinsite for literally any class to take that sounds interesting (and easy). Well, Her Campus UWindsor is here to help! All of our members have been through it and are happy to share their personal class recommendations! 

My Recommendation (As a Neuroscience Major): 

  1. VSAR-3860. Bioart: Contemporary Art and the Life Sciences

I took this visual arts class as a bio major and absolutely loved it! It is meant to be a crossover class for many different degrees, and it teaches the relationship between art and life sciences. If you are a Science major, no previous art knowledge is needed, and no previous science knowledge is needed for other majors. The projects in this class were insanely fun, and it was an excellent break from my other classes. 

Other UWindsor Student’s Recommendations: 

  1. WGST-2990. Special Topics in Women’s Studies

This semester’s topic is Women and Death. From an English Major: “I really like my women’s topics class. The topic this semester is women and death (I know, morbid). But it’s like a literature class and we’re even supposed to keep a “death journal” and write epitaphs. We’re also gonna be reading Frankenstein and The Lovely Bones.” 

  1. FRSC-2007.  Overview of Forensic Science

From an Engineering Major: “The class is really easy and the topic is an introduction to forensic science [subjects] such as the different types of deaths, the personnels involved in death investigation and all that. There is a small assignment where you get to lift a fingerprint. Totally recommend if you’re looking for an easy elective.” 

  1. COMP-2067. Programming for Beginners

From a Computer Science Major: “I would recommend anyone who has an interest in coding or computer science as a whole (but doesn’t want to 100% commit to a 3+ year program yet) to test out the waters by taking this course. This course equips you need to get started coding and programming; like the basics of Python. The concepts you learn in this course are foundations of computer science and are essential for any future programmer.”

  1. FREN-3530. Poetry from Baudelaire to Surrealism

From a French Studies Major: “It was a French poetry and surrealism class and I LOVED it. We learned about the dada movement and it was a blast. Also 3570 which was contemporary critical theory, same prof and I loved it also, it was basically psychology in French.” 

  1. GRST-2000. Topics in Classical Culture

From a Forensics Major: “The topic changes, but I did gladiators! It was a super interesting class and it was so fun to take a break from all the science.” 

  1. CMAF-3820. Advertising in the New Media Era

From a Communication, Media and Film Major: “We’re specifically learning about the different advertising methods for marketing to Gen Z and it seems like it’s going to be really fun!!” 

We’ve all been there! Hopefully this article has lessened your class-picking stress!

Giulia Vilardi is Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at UWindsor. She oversees all HC UWindsor teams and content. She is also responsible for writing and editing articles, as well as posting to HC UWindsor Instagram and TikTok. Giulia primarily writes lifestyle articles relating to campus life, being a woman and STEM, and cool local spots. Beyond Her Campus, Giulia is a Senior in the Behaviour, Cognition, and Neuroscience program at UWindsor. She spends most of her time working as Assistant Director of Communications for a research lab on campus. She is Co-President of SMArt (a UWindsor club for scientists who love art) where she helps provide artistic services to the science community at UWindsor. Giulia is an avid reader and enjoys creating art of all kinds in her free time. She can't get through the day without AT LEAST 3 cups of coffee. She loves listening to music and is always looking for new music recs!