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The Best Ways to Tackle a Difficult Learning Experience

Throughout your university career, chances are that you will come across a topic (or many) that is new to you, and that presents a learning challenge. Whether you’re cramming for your next chemistry midterm or you’re trying to understand the philosophical beliefs of Plato, you’re not in this alone. Throughout my four years of undergraduate study, I have mastered the art of utilizing resources to understand tough concepts and get the best grades possible. Below are a few tips I have if you’re stuck on a concept and looking for tips on how to improve.

1.     Utilize Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an online learning source that provides material on almost every topic and is offered for free. There are online videos, notes, and forums for you to interact with and get multiple perspectives on the topic you are trying to master. Khan Academy even provides resources to help with material on various standardized tests – no matter what you are looking to understand, you will be able to find something helpful on this site.

2.     Find a study buddy

Whether you swear by taking every class with a designated school friend or you travel through your semesters alone, finding at least one person in each class to follow up with can help improve your overall understanding. Chances are, your study buddy will be able to elaborate on some of the topics that you find challenging, and you may be able to do the same for them. Finding someone going through the same experience as you will help facilitate learning on both ends.

3.     Browse other internet sources: YouTube and WikiHow

The internet houses innumerable resources if you know where to look. YouTube and WikiHow have helped me in the past, whether I was trying to understand formal logic for my reasoning skills class or looking for the best tips on how to pull an all-nighter. These sites are not typically viewed as academic resources; however, you may be able to find helpful information if you take the time to look for it.

4.     Go to the library

This is a tip I did not take until my final year as an undergrad. So many students only use the library for group projects, or as a place to simply open their laptop and spend the next several hours procrastinating. Throughout this past semester, I have realized the infinite resources available at the library on every topic under the sun. Using the actual books available at your school’s library can be super helpful, and this is a resource not enough students take advantage of.

Despite what discipline you are in, chances are you are going to come across a topic that challenges you at some point. You don’t have to aimlessly struggle through the material on your own; there are many resources available for you to utilize. Hopefully, at least one of the sources above helps you through your next academic struggle!


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