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The Benefits of Joining HerCampus UWindsor

The Benefits of Joining HerCampus UWindsor

For the past two years, I have been lucky enough to be a writer for the University of Windsor’s chapter of HerCampus which is an online magazine targeted towards university and college aged women. Not only does my position gives me the freedom to write whatever is on my mind, it has also allowed me to join a club where I have met a bunch of amazing women!  The friendships and connections I’ve made through this club have only benefitted my growth as a person throughout my University experience. 

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As a future educator, I think it is very important to jump at opportunities to continuously learn. This club has allowed me to further develop my writing and editing abilities outside of a classroom setting. I am able to learn and reflect on my own work, which will undoubtedly make me a better intellectual. Furthermore, the freedom given to writers through HerCampus to write whatever they please makes writing even more enjoyable! At first, I found it very difficult to come up with ideas on what to write about, but luckily my fellow club members were always willing to help with ideas when writers block came around. 


Not only is joining HerCampus a wonderful way to make friends, it is also a great thing to add to a Co-Curricular! Club involvement is essential for any well-rounded student, and it could help when it comes to applying for scholarships or future jobs. This club is recognized by the University of Windsor and is one of the best clubs offered.

If you are a University of Windsor student and you are interested in learning more about our club or becoming a member, please reach out to us via email at hc.uwindsor@hercampus.com! We would be happy to send you more information!

Samantha Godden

UWindsor '22

Samantha Godden is a third year student at the University of Windsor in the Concurrent Education/French Studies program. She loves to spend her time travelling, reading and napping. She aspires to be a teacher after graduation.
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