Around the World in One Magical Day Pt. 2

Now, in case you missed Part 1, follow this link here to get caught up on all the magic that occurs in the Epcot World Showcase. Or, continue reading about the remaining 5 countries and go back! Either way, let’s continue travelling around Epcot.



    Situated to the left of the park, and normally the first country that I visit, is the looming recreation of a pre-Colombian pyramid, welcoming you to the Mexico Pavilion. You can stroll through and admire the shops offering Mexican jewelry and clothing, or stop and enter the pyramid itself and see what it holds. 

    When entering, you can either dine at La Hacienda de San Angel, or choose to hop on the lagoon boat ride with the Three Caballeros. If you are looking for a light snack, check out La Cantina de San Angel, which serves tacos, churros, and alcoholic beverages. 


    As you would suspect, much of this Pavillion revolves around Frozen, but there are aspects of Norse Gods that Scandinavians had celebrated, which can be found walking down the cobblestone streets, including the ‘Gods of the Vikings’ gallery. If you continue down the street, little shops selling popular Nordic sweets, jewelry, and a large section of books are the perfect curios to take with you out of the village.

    With that said, the incorporation of Frozen, as portrayed in their one ride, ‘Frozen Ever After’, is beautifully done and did terrify me when I had gone on it for the first time a couple years ago. There is also an Anna and Elsa meet-and-greet section and the Princess Storybook Dining. But for those who may not want to deal with little princesses and princes, you can stop by Kringla Bakeri go Kafe for sandwiches and pastries. 


    Stepping into the China pavilion is travelling across the globe, to which you are first introduced with the arched ceremonial gate, which is patterned after the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. The pavilion is divided into two sections; the commercial and the picturesque. 

    The commercial areas consists of stores including the House of Good Fortune, which sells silk clothing, jewelry, jade pieces, and much more. If you are craving food, you can visit the Nine Dragons Restaurants, the Lotus Blossom Cafe, or Joy of Tea. 

    In the more picturesque section, you can catch a bit of peace amongst the bamboo groves, waterfalls and ponds. As well, make sure to stop and watch the Jewelled Dragon Acrobats as they soar through the air (I highly recommend this show as it is one of my favourites!)


    Follow the cobblestone path until you reach the statue of St. George slaying a dragon and you know that you have now traveled into the Germany pavilion. Its architecture reflects different regions in Germany, from medical castles to Barvarian-style buildings right out of a fairytale. And to top it off, the chiming clock tower with moving characters is a sight to see. 

    Now, if you are interested in eating here, I recommend Biergarten for a more traditional Oktober-fest style meal. But, for quick service, check out Sommerfest, where they have some of the best soft pretzels and apple strudel that I have tasted. 


    Saved the best for last; Canada. While it may be strange being from Canada, and seeing it recreated, it’s interesting to see how it is portrayed. This includes the pavilion’s centrepiece, referred to as ‘Hotel du Canada’, modelled after the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. There is also a representation of the Rockies, vast gardens, and totem poles. 

    The only restaurant here is Le Cellier, which is a popular spot to eat. But, you can pop into one of the little shops and grab yourself a little piece of home; ketchup chips, smarties, and lots of maple syrup!


    We have now come to the end of our journey. I hope you have enjoyed this little trip, and learned some new things about what is offered in Walt Disney’s Epcot World Showcase!