Around the World in One Magical Day Pt. 1

Now, I’m a die-hard Disney fan and have been to Disney quite a few times. My top park to visit would have to be Epcot, and no, not just because I’m now able to drink around the world, but because I am able to travel to 11 countries all in the span of one day (and for a much more reasonable price). 

    In the World Showcase, you walk around the park, passing through different countries, immersing yourself in their food and culture. But what does each one offer in terms of how it represents the country itself? Well, good thing you asked! Let’s get to the breakdown!


United States of America

    Travel back to colonial America and immerse yourself in the red, white, and blue rose gardens. Each staff’s outfit suits the time period, from beautiful dresses for women and clean button-ups for the men. 

    As for the food, there are three different places; Liberty Inn, Fire & Drum, and the Funnel Cake Stand. Liberty Inn serves regular ‘American’ food such as hamburgers, chicken tenders, salads and pies. Fire & Drum serves turkey legs and smoothies, and the Funnel Cake Stand serves, well, funnel cakes!


    Japan is one of my favourite stops, and it starts with taking a picture in front of the replica blue-roofed pagoda. From here, you can either enter the stores or explore the exhibit in their gallery, which showcases the country’s ‘Kawaii Culture’. As well, every couple of hours a group of Japanese taiko drummers have a performance, which is not to be missed!

    In their stores, you can find a variety of Japanese gifts and souvenirs. Everything from Pokemon and Hello Kitty to traditional Japanese treats, as well as getting your name written in Japanese calligraphy!

    For dining, you can visit Teppan Edo, in which chefs work at your table and cook your food at lightning speed, providing one of the most exciting experiences! Entrees include chicken, beef, and cooked seafood, as well as a variety of vegetables and sauces. 


    Enter in through the reproduction Koutoubia Minaret of Marrakesh, a prayer tower. This pavilion seems much warmer than others,  mostly due to terracotta tiles and green roofs, leading to archways and little back allies. Performances of Moroccan musicians, belly dancers, and acrobats alternate throughout the day to bring the culture to life!

    Restaurants include the Spice Road Tablet, which focuses on small plates, but provides live entertainment. Restaurant Marrakesh allows guests to sample exotic Moroccan cuisine and culinary delights. There are also two cafes in this pavilion: Tangierine Cafe and Moorish Cafe & Pastry Shop, which serve desserts, tea, and coffee. 



    Bonjour! Are you ready to be swept away by the beauty that is the France Pavilion? Sit by the Seine waterfront and watch the ‘Serverur Amusant’ acrobatic performance, or get photos with Belle and Gaston themselves! Or stop by the Impressions de France and watch a short film providing glimpses of France. 

    Stores include the La Maison du Vin, where you can sample wine, or Souveniers de France, which carries some of the cutest little things such as silk scarves (which are the softest things I have every touched!) and beautiful berets!

    But while you are here, make sure to visit either L’Artisan des Glaces for artisan ice cream and sorbet, Monsieur Paul for a gourmet dinner, or my personal favourite stop, Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie, which has some of the best pastries I have EVER tasted!

United Kingdom

    Skip the plane ticket and take a trip across the pond, where you are thrown into a bustling little pavillion that resembles the streets of London. Full of quaint pubs and the subtle scent of fish and chips, this is an area not to be missed. Architecture is important in this pavilion as buildings reflect the Tudor, Georgian, and Victorian influences, completely with soot-stained chimneys. 

    Now, while there are no set attraction in this pavilion, there are occasional performances on the gazebo, playing songs from Queen, The Who, and many more. 

    For when you are hungry, you can either visit the Yorkshire County Fish Shop to get some delicious and authentic fish & chips, or stop by the Rose and Crown Dining Room, where they specialize in British cuisine. Also, if you are a fan of accents, make sure to stop by and talk to a cast member, in which each one in this pavilion are from the UK!


    This pavilion is slightly tucked in the back, but it is beautifully crafted to represent Italy itself. Situated in the centre is a replica of the original campanile in St. Mark’s Square, surrounded by flower gardens and quaint little stores and restaurants that are tucked down cobblestone streets. 

    Dining includes the Tutto Italia Restaurant, which feels like you’ve stepped right into Italy. Or Via Napoli, an authentic Italian pizzeria, where you can watch as your food is being cooked!

    Even though this is one of the smaller pavilions, it is worth a gander to admire the details that have gone into its construction. 

Have you had a chance to travel around the world in one day? Or have you been to any of these countries in real life? Make sure to keep an eye out for the second part of this article, describing the last 5 countries!