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As a woman in science, I know the importance of female role models in the field. March marks Women’s History Month, and there is no better time to highlight some of the University of Windsor’s badass female professors, and the incredible work that they’re doing.

Dr. Shari Forbes

Dr. Forbes is the director of REST[ES], Canada’s first human taphonomy facility (also known as a “body farm”). Taphonomy is the study of how organisms decay, and she brought her expertise to UWindsor’s Forensic Science program this year. Currently, she’s teaching Death Investigations, a course on human decomposition and other taphonomic factors. Dr. Forbes also established the AFTER facility in Australia, which was Australia’s first human taphonomy facility, and is hoping to establish another taphonomy facility in Windsor-Essex.

   You can find REST[ES]’s website here for more information!

Dr. Lisa Porter

Dr. Porter is a professor in the Biomedical Science department, and head of the Porter Lab at the University of Windsor. Her lab focuses on cancer research, with 6 main programs: tumour suppression, breast cancer, brain cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, and Covid screening.  

    You can find her lab page here for more information and her publications.

Dr. Christina Semeniuk

Dr. Semeniuk is a member of GLIER, the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research. Her lab investigates the effects of stressors on the adaptive decision of wildlife. Humans induce a significant amount of environmental changes, and her lab focuses on forecasting the impacts of the Anthropocene on the environment.

You can find her lab page here for more information, as well as her publications and opportunities.


Jaime Nemett

UWindsor '24

Jaime is an undergrad student in Forensics Science with a concentration in Biology at UWindsor. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, music, drawing, and rewatching her favourite TV shows and movies.