3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Consider Doing a Semester Abroad

Despite the stress of essay deadlines, presentations, and never-ending midterms, university can be one of the best life experiences for many people. It’s a chance to become fully independent before entering the nine-to-five working world. Post-secondary should be a time of self-discovery, growth, and of course working towards career goals one may have in mind, though it doesn’t have to be limited to this. Many students simply don’t consider the opportunity of continuing their studies abroad, but below are three reasons why this opportunity may be right for you:


1.     It’ll look great on your resume

This first point may be stating the obvious; who doesn’t want to hire someone who has braved the real world and taken a leap during their young adulthood? Working to complete your degree in another country not only exhibits motivation to learn and experience the world around you, but as a result you’re also likely to gain a more well-rounded education. For instance, the political science climate is sure to be vastly different in Japan than in Canada and the courses you complete while on exchange will allow for a more sophisticated knowledge of the subject. An experience such as studying abroad will give you a competitive edge post-graduation that most others with the same degree will not have.  


2.     You’re guaranteed to become more a cultured person

Picture waking up in Australia to your Aussie roommate insisting you try vegemite on toast- this is something you would probably never do by choice but it’s also a staple of Australian culture. Going to university in another country forces a person into the culture of daily life in a way that tourism cannot. Everyone should experience the true feel of life in a place that is foreign to them, and studying abroad may be this perfect opportunity for you.


3.     It may not be as costly as you think

If you’re reading this thinking “I’d love to go but I could never afford it”. Think again. For most Ontario universities, base tuition doesn’t change if you choose to study abroad for a semester or even a full year. That means you don’t owe the foreign university any tuition fees- just pay your base tuition to your current university and you’re set. Living expense is another concern altogether, though various partner universities (such as the University of Essex located in England) offer residence placements and financial guidance throughout every step of the process. Additionally, there are countless scholarship/bursary applications available to those looking to continue their studies out of country. If finance is the only thing holding you back, there are countless people in every corner of the globe waiting to assist you through the process of financing a decision such as this one.


Still not convinced? Moving across the world before getting that degree may not be for everyone, but no one can deny the appeal to starting fresh somewhere new while still working to fulfil academic aspirations.